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Final Fantasy XIV Guide - A Nocturne For Heroes Event Walkthrough

In 2019, a collaboration event with Final Fantasy XV was held in Final Fantasy XIV. This collaboration did bring several Quests involving FFXV protagonist, Noctis Lucis Caelum, and rewarded players with a similar attire to his, songs of FFXV OST, and Noctis car, the Regalia Type-G. This same event is coming back next September, and here’s all you need to know about it once it returns.

How do I start the event?

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First and foremost, you need to fulfill two requirements to do this event:

  • Level up your character to 50.
  • Complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon”.

Once you’re sure you can do it speak to Kipih Jakkya in the city of Ul'dah, more precisely in the Steps of Nald, to begin the quest “The Man in Black”. Finishing that quest will give you the item “Lucian Prince's Fingerless Glove” and will unlock the next quest, “In the Dark of Night”, which will reward you with the “Lucian Prince's Bottoms” and later “Messenger of the Winds”, which will give you “Lucian Prince's Jacket” and the “Lucian Prince's Boots”, thus completing Noctis’ attire for you to wear.

Completing the event will also give you the achievement “Brother from Another Mothercrystal”

Other Activities & Rewards

A special FATE will be held during this event, called “Like Clockwork”, in Central Thanalan - The Clutch - The Unholy Heir (x:27, y:21). This FATE will reward players with a special item called Unidentified Magitek, which can be exchanged with the Ironworks Hand in Rhalgr's Reach - Starfall (x:13.8, y:11.4) to obtain the following rewards:

  • A Quick Pit Stop Orchestrion Roll - 1 Unidentified Magitek
  • Apocalypsis Noctis Orchestrion Roll - 1 Unidentified Magitek
  • Hammerhead Orchestrion Roll - 1 Unidentified Magitek
  • Relax and Reflect Orchestrion Roll - 1 Unidentified Magitek
  • Valse di Fantastica Orchestrion Roll - 1 Unidentified Magitek
  • Veiled in Black Orchestrion Roll - 1 Unidentified Magitek

The Golden Saucer will also have several special items for you to buy with MGP. The NPC you want to meet is the Ironworks Vendor in Entrance Square (x:5.3, y:6.3) and this is his shop catalog:

  • Modern Aesthetics: Lucian Locks - 20,000 MGP
    The realm's premier publication on beauty and fashion, this specific copy of Modern Aesthetics covers, in detail, techniques on becoming a suitably windswept protagonist. Use to unlock a new hairstyle at the aesthetician.
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum Card - 10,000 MGP
    A legendary card used in the game Triple Triad.
  • Regalia Type-G Title - 200,000 MGP
    A deed certifying your ownership of a brand-new vehicle embossed with the Regalia crest as a symbol of authenticity.