Final Fantasy XIV The Rising 2021 - Seasonal Event, Emotes, And Rewards

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Final Fantasy XIV has a variety of Seasonal Events that reward players with valuable items such as Clothing, Mounts, Minions, and more. One of those seasonal Events it’s The Rising, which celebrates the anniversary of the game's relaunch as A Realm Reborn, replacing the Foundation Day event from the original version.

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FFXIV The Rising 2021 - Event Overview

Main Quest - Rising Calm

To participate, the only requirement is that you reached level 15. Other than that, you’re free to participate on the event as much as you want. To start the quest, players have to speak with the mi'qote NPC Kipih Jakkya on Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x:10.0,y:8.7).

The Rising typically runs concurrent with the Moonfire Faire event, and it’s accompanied by side stories posted on the Lodestone website. Like the other seasonal events, the three city-states of Eorzea and all the residential districts are decorated for the event. The players usually can get minions based on relevant Final Fantasy XIV Main Scenario characters.


FFXIV The Rising 2021 - Release Date & Duration

From Friday, 27 August at 8:00 (BST) to Thursday, 9 September at 15:59 (BST)

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FFXIV The Rising 2021 - Event Rewards

Rewards for this event include:

  • Red Moon Parasol: An elegant parasol featuring an image of a flaming moon, which seems strangely familiar.
  • Nymeia Potpourri: Made from the alchemically treated petals of Nymeia lilies, this fragrant bundle of potpourri brings a sense of tranquility to even the most troubled souls.

And that's it! Enjoy the Anniversary festivities and hope you like The Rising 2021!