FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Ultimate Scream Promo: What to Expect?

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FIFA 20's Ultimate Scream has returned for another year in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and is set to be released at 6pm UK on Friday October 18th. The 2nd big promotion after Ones To Watch, Ultimate Scream celebrates Halloween, featuring new and exciting shapeshifting cards with ever changing stats, Halloween themed Squad Building Challenges, weekly objectives, as well as promo packs throughout the promotion.

This article will be updated once the full details go live, be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!


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Meet The Screamers


Content to Expect from the Ultimate Scream Promo

There are 4 main areas of content we should be expecting to see during the Ultimate Scream Promotion:

  • The Scream Team
  • Halloween Themed Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)
  • Weekly Objectives
  • Promo Packs


The Scream Team

The Ultimate Scream Team features a squad of 23 players, all with +1 boosts to their base card, that will be available in packs . 

Last year in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, Ultimate Scream players started with 2 of the base attribute stats being upgraded to a 90, i.e 2 of the 6 Pace/Shooting/Passing/Dribbling/Defending/Physical stats. 

At ‘mystery times of the year’ these ‘shapeshifting’ cards would have these 2 base 90 stats shifted randomly to other base stats, creating the potential for some ‘beastly’ cards. Last year for example, Sergio Busquets who previously had just 43 Pace and 62 Shooting, went to 90 Pace and 90 Shooting, making him an incredibly usable card. In previous years, people have speculated that a full moon or a spooky date such as Friday the 13th would be the time for these shapeshifting boosts to occur, however it would appear from FIFA 19 that these upgrade dates are far less predictable.

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Halloween Themed SBCs

We can definitely be expecting a good load of Halloween Themed SBCs this year, rewarding us not only with packs, but also potentially players for submitting squads around some Halloween related teams (some of which may be good potential investments).

In terms of Player SBCs, I’d expect probably 1 or 2 SBCs throughout the Ultimate Scream Promo, where you’ll be able to submit squads for an Ultimate Scream Player that didn’t make the initial 23 man squad released into packs. To see some potential investments for these potential Scream Player SBCs, read on!

Other SBCs that have been featured a lot in previous years are Halloween Themed SBCs for pack rewards. These Halloween Themed SBCs revolve around clubs with badges featuring mythical creatures or items related to Halloween, and reward players with Packs, Kits, or other items. Examples of Halloween Themed SBCs from FIFA 19 include:

  • Lost In the Labywrinth - Including players from clubs with a Minotaur in the crest (RB Leipzig, Oxford United, Torino)
  • Ferocious Beasts - Including players from clubs with a Chimera in the crest (Frosinone, FC Koln, Philadelphia Union)
  • Full Moon Rising - Including players from clubs with a Wolf in the crest (Wolves, Roma, FC Midtjylland)
  • The Birds - Including players from clubs with an Owl in the crest (Kristiansund BK, Sheffield Wednesday, SC Freiburg, Dijon FCO)
  • Protect the Castle - Including players from clubs with a Castle in the crest (Newcastle, SM Caen)
  • Slay the Dragon - Including players from clubs with a Dragon in the crest (Chievo Verona, Deportes Iquique)
  • Davy Jones’ Locker - Including players from clubs with a Pirate in the crest (Plymouth Argyle, Orlando Pirates)
  • Enter the Underworld - Including players from clubs with a Devil in the crest (America de Cali, Lincoln City)

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Weekly Objectives

Weekly Objectives should feature again this year, and similar to the Ones To Watch Promotion, I’d expect to see some Halloween Themed Weekly Gameplay Objectives for potentially an Ultimate Scream Player to allow players to work towards an exciting new card. Other Weekly Objectives may feature to allow players to obtain new Halloween themed stadium cosmetics such as Banners or Tifos, as well as Badges or Kits.

Promo Packs

Being a popular promotion from previous years offering new and exciting cards to be packed, I would be expecting a lot of promo packs to be dropped. Last year in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, we saw:

  • 12,500 coin Premium Electrum Players Packs
  • 25,000 coin Premium Gold Players Packs
  • 25,000 coin Rare Gold Packs
  • 35,000 coin Mega Packs
  • 45,000 coin Prime Gold Players Packs
  • 50,000 coin Rare Players Packs

Naturally, with all these promo packs and exciting new items being released, there may be some market impacts, so be sure to come back tomorrow where I’ll be discussing all the potential market impacts from this promotion, as well as investments you can look to make for upcoming SBCs.

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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading