FIFA 20: Ones To Watch Players, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know In FUT 20

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FIFA 20 has fully launched and players can now fully use the FIFA 20 Web App to access their Ultimate Team. After the busy summer transfer window, a new batch of ones to watch cards will be releasing on the 27th September, for a limited time.

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What Are Ones To Watch?

Ones To Watch cards are special FUT items for players who have made high-profle transfers in the most recent transfer window. These cards will receive upgrades equal to their in-form cards as the season progresses. Each time a player gets an in-form card, the ones to watch card will upgrade to that card; without the needs to purchase the next in-form.

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When Do They Release?

The Ones To Watch cards will release on the 27th September at 6pm BST. These cards will be in packs for a limited time, usually lasting for a week. These cards will be made available in packs.

There will be a second batch of cards released after the winter transfer window later in the season.

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What Can We Expect In Game?

There will be themed objectives for players to receive rewards such as packs or special ones to watch items. There will also be SBCs to acquire ones to watch cards.

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Who Is In The Ones To Watch List?

You can also vote for one of these 3 players to get a Ones To Watch card:

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