FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: All Packs In FUT 20 And What Is Included

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team includes a number of packs with different values and cards inside of it and if you're preparing for the FUT Birthday promo you'll want to know what you're getting before buying or completing any SBCs.

Here are all of the FIFA 20 packs you can get.


Be sure to bookmark this page as a reference when completing SBCs and the rewards you can obtain!

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Pack Name (Items #) Coins FIFA Points Players Consumables Items/Staff Gold Silver Bronze Rares
Bronze Pack (12) 400-✔️✔️✔️00121
Premium Bronze Pack (12)750-✔️✔️✔️00123
Silver Pack (12)2,50050✔️✔️✔️01201
Premium Silver Pack (12)3,75075✔️✔️✔️01203
Gold Pack (12)5,00100✔️✔️✔️12001
Premium Gold Pack (12)7,500150✔️✔️✔️12003
Gold Contracts Pack (4)800-✔️4000
Jumbo Bronze Pack (24)800-✔️✔️✔️00243
Bronze Players Pack (12)1,250-✔️00121
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack (24)1,50075✔️✔️✔️00247
Premium Bronze Players Pack (12)1,800-✔️00123
Consumables Pack (12)3,00050✔️12001
Jumbo Silver Pack (24)4,000100✔️✔️✔️02403
Gold 13 Pack (13)5,000100✔️✔️✔️13001
Silver Players Pack (12)5,000100✔️01201
Premium Silver Players Pack (12)7,000150✔️01203
Premium Gold 13 Pack (13)7,500150✔️✔️✔️13003
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack (24)7,500150✔️✔️✔️02407
League Premium Silver Pack (12)10,000200✔️✔️✔️12003
Jumbo Gold Pack (24)10,000200✔️✔️✔️24003
Gold Players Pack (12)12,500250✔️12001
Premium Electrum Players Pack (12)12,500250✔️6603
Silver Upgrade Pack (12)15,00050✔️✔️01200
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (24)15,000300✔️✔️✔️24007
Rare Consumables Pack (12)20,000400✔️120012
Prime Electrum Players Pack (12)20,000400✔️6606
Premium Gold Players Pack (12)25,000350✔️12003
Rare Gold Pack (12)25,000500✔️✔️✔️120012
Gold Upgrade Pack (12)30,00075✔️12000
League Premium Players Pack (12)30,000400✔️12003
Rare Electrum Players Pack (12)30,000600✔️66012
Mega Pack (30)35,000700✔️✔️✔️300018
Prime Gold Players Pack (12)45,000600✔️12006
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24)50,000700✔️24007
Rare Players Pack (12)50,0001,000✔️120012
Prime Gold Defenders Pack (12)55,000750✔️12006
Prime Gold Midfielders Pack (12)55,000750✔️12006
Prime Gold Forwards Pack (12)55,000750✔️12006
League Prime Players Pack (12)55,000750✔️12006
Rare Mega Pack (30)55,0001,100✔️✔️✔️300030
Rare Gold Defenders Pack (12)62,5001,250✔️120012
Rare Gold Midfielders Pack (12)62,5001,250✔️120012
Rare Gold Forwards Pack (12)62,5001,250✔️120012
Jumbo Rare Players Pack (12)100,0002,000✔️240024
Ultimate Pack (30)125,0002,500✔️300030
Starting Pack (34)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️32290
All Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4441
Bronze Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️0040
Silver Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️0400
Gold Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4000
Bronze Contracts Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️0040
Silver Contracts Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️0400
Small Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️0061
Small Prime Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️0063
Small Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️2221
Prime Bronze Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️00126
Small Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️3301
Small Rare Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️0066
Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4441
Small Gold Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️6001
Rare Bronze Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️001212
Premium Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4443
Small Prime Silver Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️0603
Small Prime Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️2223
Small Prime Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️3303
Small Rare Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️2226
Small Rare Silver Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️0606
Prime Silver Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️01206
Rare Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️44412
Small Rare Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️3306
Small Rare Gold Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️6006
Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack (26)FREEFREE✔️26007
Electrum Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️6601
Prime Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4446
Loan Player Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4001
Premium Loan Player Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4001
Ultimate Loan Player Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4004
Loan Prime Icon Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1001
81-86 Rated Rare Players Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1001
Base Icon Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1001
Mid Icon Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1001
Two Players Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2001
Two Rare Gold Players Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2002
Two Rare Gold Players Plus Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2002
League Two 81+ Players Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2002
UCL Common Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1000
Two UCL Common Player Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2000
81+ UCL Rare Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1001
UCL Two Player Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2001
UCL Three Player Pack (3)FREEFREE✔️3001
TOTW Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1001
Premium TOTW Pack (3)FREEFREE✔️3001
Premium TOTS Pack (3)FREEFREE✔️3003
Ultimate TOTW Pack (11)FREEFREE✔️11003
Ultimate TOTS Pack (11)FREEFREE✔️110011
Draft Token Pack (5)FREEFREE✔️✔️50011
Coins PackFREEFREE------1
Premium Coins PackFREEFREE------