Biggest DOTA 2 Hero Nerfs in Update 7.30

With the release of the long-awaited update 7.30, DOTA 2 has undergone a much-needed meta-shift. Needless to say, this shift in the meta has caused various overlooked heroes to make a return. On the contrary, some of the most drafted heroes have been hit with nerfs that have made them extremely less effective in the game.

Having said that, it is extremely important for players to note which heroes are suited to the meta and which are not. This will not only provide the player with a tactical advantage but also allow them to perform to their full potential in the current meta.

Before heading any forward, might we suggest that you take a look at all of the Removed and New DOTA 2 Items in Update 7.30? Additionally, you can also check out how the current meta might affect The International 10. However, if you're looking for information that can hand you a tactical advantage in public lobbies, make sure to check out the best heroes for killing Roshan in the current meta.

With that out of the way, let's dive in and take a look at the biggest hero nerfs in update 7.30.

Biggest Hero Nerfs in DOTA 2 update 7.30

5. Axe

One of the most fearsome heroes in the previous meta, update 7.30 has cemented Axe's position as an off-lane hero with all the changes. With a reworked Aghanim's Shard upgrade, gone are the days of the unkillable carry Axe.

With the rebalancing in patch 7.30, Axe can longer proc Counter Helix based on his own basic attacks. Instead, Axe can now only depend on Counter Helix procs from incoming attacks. Needless to say, these changes will heavily impact Axe's pick-rate in DOTA 2's current meta.

4. Leshrac

Although not an exact nerf, Leshrac's balancing changes in update 7.30 will definitely affect the hero's tower sieging capabilities. Given that Diabolic Edict now deals pure damage and is no longer as effective as it used to is not the only thing hurting a mid-lane Leshrac.

The fact that Diabolic Edict doesn't deal bonus damage to towers anymore is a huge blow to Leshrac's capabilities in DOTA 2. Needless to say, these changes to Diabolic Edict will definitely affect Leshrac's pick-rate in update 7.30.

3. Terrorblade

One of the most feared carries of the previous meta, Terrorblade has been hit with a massive nerf that severely lowers the hero's damage-dealing potential. On top of reducing his agility gain, the duration of Terrorblade's main damage-dealing ability, Metamorphosis has been nerfed as well.

The duration of Metamorphosis has been reduced by 4 seconds at every level, resulting in a major nerf to the carry hero. Nevertheless, considering the hero's illusion-building capabilities, it'll be interesting to see how these nerfs play out in DOTA 2.

2. Clinkz

Although not the most ideal carry hero, Clinkz used to be a fearsome assassin, capable of wiping out the entire back-line of a team within seconds. However, the ability which allowed Clinkz to deal most of his damage, Strafe has been removed from DOTA 2. Instead of Strafe that granted bonus attack speed and evasion, Clinkz now features a new ability in the form of Burning Barrage.

On top of dealing reduced damage to enemies, Burning Barrage is a channeled ability. This further means that whenever the hero tries to channel this ability, his squishy build leaves him susceptible to enemy attacks and abilities.

1. Luna

Arguably the best carry heroes in the previous meta, Luna's balancing changes have left the hero in a nearly unplayable condition. On top of nerfing her Lucent Beam ability and Talents, Luna's Moon Glaives have been nerfed heavily.

Given that Moon Glaives is one of the best farming abilities in DOTA 2, Luna's ability to scale into the late game will definitely take a major hit. However, considering the changes that were made to Luna's Talent Tree, it'll be interesting to see how the hero performs as a support instead of a carry.

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