DOTA 2: Best Mid Lane Heroes For 2021

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Credit: Images via Valve - DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a constantly evolving game with a frequently changing meta. Be it heroes or in-game items, IceFrog manages to keep the game in constant flux with regular updates and patches.

Due to these regular updates, various heroes often find themselves falling out of favor after being struck by a notable nerf.


Having said that, the mid lane is one of the most important roles in DOTA 2 that allows the player to "snowball"(take over the entire game by themselves) and gain a massive advantage for their team. With that in mind, players need to draft in-meta heroes that are more likely to win the mid-lane.

Winning the mid-lane is extremely important as it will allow the player to start snowballing the game. Snowballing means when a certain hero who has managed to accumulate a substantial lead starts rotating to the side lanes to kill the enemy cores. Killing the enemy cores repeatedly not only allows the team to take down towers quickly but also closes out the map for the enemy team to farm.

With The International 10 on the horizon, Valve is trying to ensure a completely balanced and bug-free meta. Given that there have already been two sub patches since the release of update 7.30, it is likely that we might receive additional sub-patches before TI10.

Here are the top five in-meta DOTA 2 mid-lane heroes that players should draft to have an advantage in their games.

Top 5 mid-lane heroes in DOTA 2

#5. Batrider

Batrider's DOTA 2 cover image
Image via Valve

Batrider was one of the least drafted heroes in the previous DOTA 2 meta. However, with the release of update 7.30, the hero has received notable buffs that have made Batrider an extremely relevant hero in the mid-lane.

With additional stacks of damage being granted to Sticky Napalm, Batrider now has a much stronger laning stage than he used to. On top of that, the hero can also massively utilize the Water Runes to gain extra sustainability in the lane.

Additionally, the hero also offers a spell immunity-piercing disable which is extremely useful in both team fights as well as for ganks and counter-initiation. Considering these factors, Batrider is definitely one of the strongest mid-lane heroes in the current DOTA 2 meta.

#4. Silencer

Silencer's DOTA 2 cover image
Image via Valve

Although Silencer took a massive hit to his strength gain, the overall buffs received by the hero make him one of the strongest mid-laners in the current DOTA 2 meta. Apart from the buff to his Arcane Curse ability, Silencer also received multiple notable alterations to his Talent Tree.

On top of being able to steal the enemy's intelligence attribute, Silencer also deals massive magical damage with Arcane Curse and Last Word abilities. Apart from the magical damage, Silencer is also capable of dealing Pure Damage with his Glaives of Wisdom attack modifier.


Apart from all these, Silencer also features a Global Silence that prevents all his enemies from casting any abilities. These factors combine to make Silencer one of the strongest mid-lane heroes in the current meta. Additionally, given that the hero is fairly simple, new players can also give it a try.

#3. Lina

Lina's DOTA 2 cover image
Image via Valve

Lina saw her return to grace in the mid-lane after the alterations in the DOTA 2 rune mechanics. Lina has always been one of the best snowballing heroes in DOTA 2 with an arsenal featuring huge bursts of magic damage.

Additionally, the hero also features an Area-of-Effect disable that can be combined with multiple heroes. However, one of Lina's biggest drawbacks was her Mana limitation during the early and mid-game stages.

Nevertheless, the introduction of Water Runes, as well as the alteration of Bounty Rune timings, have allowed Lina to ensure that she always has enough Mana from her Bottle. With most of her Mana issues resolved, Lina has truly returned to her grace in DOTA 2.

#2. Tinker

Tinker's cover image in DOTA 2
Image via Valve

After having a dismal pick-rate in the previous meta, update 7.30 saw a major rework for Tinker. One of DOTA 2's most complex yet fun heroes to play, Tinker received a plethora of buffs with the recent update. On top of gaining an ability that allows him to teleport to allied units,

Tinker's Defense Matrix has also been made a regular ability instead of an Aghanim's Shard upgrade. Although Tinker no longer has March of the Machines as a regular ability, the changes made to Laser can easily help the hero get through the entire laning stage without any troubles.

One of Tinker's most important items used to be the 2500-costing Boots of Travel. However, with the Keen Conveyance ability in his arsenal now, Tinker can simply skip Boots and opt for an early blink. This further allows the hero to start snow-balling the game from much earlier than the hero could previously do.

#1. Sniper

Sniper's cover image in DOTA 2
Image via Valve

One of the most annoying heroes in DOTA 2, Sniper's in-game audio files is a direct threat to the enemy's state of mind. On top of featuring a massive attack range, Sniper deals massive bursts of damage with his basic attacks.

Given that Shrapnel was recently buffed in the 7.30 update, Sniper has made a glorious return to the in-game meta. Additionally, the balancing changes to Take Aim have also enhanced the hero's performance in DOTA 2. Apart from all these, the hero is capable of dealing the killing blow to a fleeing enemy with his Assassinate ability.


Although Sniper is one of the squishiest heroes in the game, the amount of damage dealt by the hero can shred through the enemy's entire health pool within moments. Additionally, given how simple the hero is, Sniper is a must-try for any new DOTA 2 player.

General Tips for the Mid-Lane

While the mid-lane allows players to snowball a game to their team's advantage, it is also the most difficult lane in the DOTA 2. Whereas the side-lanes usually feature two heroes from each team on both lanes, the mid-lane is truly a test of skills.

Despite being up against a single enemy in the lane, even the smallest misplay can result in a harsh punishment from a skilled enemy. This allows players a very little margin of error when it comes to playing the mid-lane.

However, there are a few tips and tricks players can keep in mind to outplay their opponents. Even if the player cannot outplay their opponent, these tips will definitely help players improve their performance on the mid-lane.

These tips and tricks include:

  • Communicate with your team to know about missing enemy heroes who might be roaming to gank the mid-lane.
  • Always trade HP with the enemy hero while regenerating your own HP with Tangoes, Healing Salves, and Bottle.
  • Buy and place Observer Wards to gain vision of the enemy's high ground.
  • Buy and place Sentry Wards to destroy enemy's wards and disrupt their vision.

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