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DOTA 2: Best Mid Lane Heroes For 2021 (Update 7.29d)

DOTA 2 is a constantly evolving game with a frequently changing meta. Be it heroes or in-game items, IceFrog manages to keep the game in constant flux with regular updates and patches.

Due to these regular updates, various heroes often find themselves falling out of favor after being struck by a notable nerf.

Having said that, the mid lane is one of the most important roles in DOTA 2 that allows the player to "snowball"(take over the entire game by themselves) and gain a massive advantage for their team. With that in mind, players need to draft in-meta heroes that are more likely to win the mid-lane.

Here are the top five in-meta DOTA 2 mid-lane heroes that players should draft to have an advantage in their games.

Top 5 mid-lane heroes in DOTA 2

#5 - Medusa

Medusa's DOTA 2 cover image
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Medusa is one of the strongest late-game heroes in most DOTA 2 matches. Additionally, the hero's capability of flash farming allows her to amass huge amounts of gold and experience. This allows her to out-carry the enemy team's heroes.


Apart from that, Medusa's immense survivability allows her to purchase Divine Rapiers to close out a match. Playing Medusa from the mid-lane is highly recommended in this patch for various reasons. On top of allowing the hero to come out of the laning stage with the highest experience, Medusa is also able to farm in a safe environment.

Considering that Medusa is not the strongest hero during the laning stage, she prefers to stay under her tower and farm creeps for her first item. This can be easily accomplished in the mid-lane compared to the laning mechanics involved in the side-lanes.

#4 - Tiny

Tiny's DOTA 2 cover image
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One of the most played heroes in the professional scene, Tiny poses a huge threat during the early and mid-game stages. On top of having a huge experience advantage from being in a solo lane, Tiny can also farm his Blink Dagger very quickly from the mid-lane.


Any squishy hero on the enemy team who gets caught out of position by Tiny stands the risk of getting annihilated by a single Toss-Avalanche combo. Considering everything that Tiny has to offer, he is definitely one of the strongest mid-lane heroes in DOTA 2.

The additional regeneration received from the newly introduced Water Runes allows the hero to have extra sustain during the laning stage. This allows Tiny to secure an efficient timing for taking part in ganks and hunting enemy heroes.

#3 - Puck

Puck's DOTA 2 cover image
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The Faerie Dragon is definitely one of the most elusive heroes in DOTA 2. On top of being extremely difficult to catch, Puck also features an arsenal of skills that can burst down most support heroes.


Puck is additionally capable of silencing his enemies with the Waning Rift ability. On top of that, being a hero who features Bottle as a core item, the alteration of rune timings in recent updates has been a huge buff for the hero.

Puck's ability of solo-killing support heroes with a Blink Dagger and a Witch Blade makes the hero one of the ideal picks in patch 7.29d. The hero has also been featured multiple times in the professional scene, proving that even the top-tier players are ready to put their faith in the Faerie Dragon.

#2 - Templar Assassin

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Templar Assassin is one of the few physical damage-based heroes to still have a reign on the mid-lane. The hero's capability of snowballing a game even after failing to win her lane makes her one of the most feared heroes in the current meta.


Given that Templar Assassin requires a few items before having an impact on the game, the mid-lane is one of the best roles for the hero. On top of being able to earn massive experience, Templar's Psi Blades allows her to farm the lane creeps quickly.

This further allows the hero to rotate over to small or medium neutral camps medium-neutral near the mid-lane to farm extra gold and experience. This not only grants Templar an advantage over the enemy mid-laner but also allows her to grab her Desolator and Blink Dagger early to start hunting enemies.

#1 - Lina

Lina's DOTA 2 cover image
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Lina saw her return to grace in the mid-lane after the alterations in the DOTA 2 rune mechanics. Lina has always been one of the best snowballing heroes in DOTA 2 with an arsenal featuring huge bursts of magic damage.


Additionally, the hero also features an Area-of-Effect disable that can be combined with multiple heroes. However, one of Lina's biggest drawbacks was her Mana limitation during the early and mid-game stages.

Nevertheless, the introduction of Water Runes as well as the alteration of Bounty Rune timings has allows Lina to ensure that she always has enough Mana from her Bottle. With most of her Mana issues resolved, Lina has truly returned to her grace in DOTA 2.

General Tips for the Mid-Lane

While the mid-lane allows players to snowball a game to their team's advantage, it is also the most difficult lane in the DOTA 2. Whereas the side-lanes usually feature two heroes from each team on both lanes, the mid-lane is truly a test of skills.

Despite being up against a single enemy in the lane, even the smallest misplay can result in a harsh punishment from a skilled enemy. This allows players a very little margin of error when it comes to playing the mid-lane.

However, there are a few tips and tricks players can keep in mind to outplay their opponents. Even if the player cannot outplay their opponent, these tips will definitely help players improve their performance on the mid-lane.

These tips and tricks include:

  • Communicate with your team to know about missing enemy heroes who might be roaming to gank the mid-lane.
  • Always trade HP with the enemy hero while regenerating your own HP with Tangoes, Healing Salves, and Bottle.
  • Buy and place Observer Wards to gain vision of the enemy's high ground.
  • Buy and place Sentry Wards to destroy enemy's wards and disrupt their vision.