All Removed and New DOTA 2 Items in Update 7.30

After months of agonizing patience, DOTA 2 fans have been finally blessed with update 7.30. Needless to say, the months of wait have finally resulted in a plethora of changes being made to the game.

While some of these changes include various new items being introduced to the game, a bunch of items have also been removed from DOTA 2.

Let's dive in and take a look at all the items that were removed as well as added to DOTA 2 with update 7.30.

Removed Items

A total of 7 neutral items were removed from the game after the release of update 7.30.

This image shows a list of all the removed neutral items from DOTA 2 after update 7.30's release.
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(Image via Valve)

Here's the entire list as well as how it will affect the gameplay in DOTA 2.

  • Faded Broach - No more extra mana and movement speed for supports
  • Ironwood Tree - You can't plant GG trees on the map anymore.
  • Imp Claw - No more guaranteed critical strikes
  • Illusionist's Cape - No more 200 IQ illusion plays
  • Minotaur Horn - No mini-BKB anymore
  • Orb of Destruction - The upgraded Orb of Corrosion bids farewell
  • Ballista - Let's be honest, everyone was tired of this one

New Items

Update 7.30 has brought forward a total of eight new neutral items across various tiers to balance the game before The International (TI) 10 begins in October.

Here's the entire list of new items along with the bonuses they grant in DOTA 2.

  • Pig Pole (Tier 1)
    Grants +6 All Stats
    Active: "Pig Out!" - Turns the hero into a pig for 4 seconds and grants an additional 10% movement speed. Cost 50 mana and has a 25-second cooldown
  • Tumbler's Toy (Tier 1)
    Grant +200 Mana
    Active: "Vault" - Moves the unit 300 units towards the direction it is facing. Goes on cooldown for 3 seconds when receiving damage from an enemy hero. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Brigand's Blade (Tier 2)
    Grants +10 Damage and Attack Speed
    Passive: "Dark Mercy" - Deals +7 damage for each 10% HP that the enemy is missing with every basic attack
  • Fae Grenade (Tier 2)
    Grants +20 movement speed
    Active: "Shadow Brand" - Throws a bomb to an enemy within 900 units range. The bomb deals the owner's attack damage and applies a debuff that grants vision of the enemy while also dealing 20 damage per second for 7 seconds. Cost 25 mana and has a 20-second cooldown
  • Blast Rig (Tier 3)
    Grants 8 Armor
    Passive: "Hair Trigger" - Whenever a hero within 300 range attacks the owner, an explosion deals 300 damage to all enemies within a 300 radius. Also applies a 100% blind for 2.5 seconds to all affected enemies. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Ascetic's Cap (Tier 4)
    Grants 300 Health and 10 HP regeneration
    Passive: "Endurance" - Applies a 50% Status Resistance buff to the owner for 3 seconds whenever an enemy hero applies a debuff to the player's hero. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Witchbane (Tier 4)
    Passively causes the owner to deal extra magic damage equal to 4% of its max mana on the attack to target units.
    Active: "Dispel" - Applies a basic dispel to all enemies and allies within a 300 radius AOE. Features a cast range of 500 units, cost 75 mana, and has a 20-second cooldown.
  • Arcanist's Armor (Tier 5)
    Grants +5 Armor and +20% Magic resistance to all allies in a 900 unit radius
    Active: "Mega Shield" - Gains a 35% damage reflection aura in a 900 unit radius affecting all allied units except illusions for 5 seconds. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

With so many new items being added to the game, it remains to be seen how the gameplay of DOTA 2 is affected. Considering the patch notes for update 7.30, it seems certain that the developers are focused on trying to create a team fight-meta for the upcoming TI10 DOTA 2 Championship.

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