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DOTA 2 Neutral Items: Everything You Need To Know

DOTA 2 allows you to equip various items to power up the hero you will use in a game. These can be purchased using the gold you will get, or there are some that you can pick up after being dropped by neutral creeps.

And just like how you can get those is the term used for these – which is neutral items. Neutral items can be notched after successfully killing neutral creeps that you can commonly encounter during the whole duration of a game in DOTA 2.

Keep reading to know more about the neutral items in DOTA 2.

How Neutral Items Work In DOTA 2

Neutral items cannot be sold in any way compared to the purchasable items in the game.

Although one advantage it can provide that you can use in the game is that you may be able to trade those amongst your teammates.

By doing so, it would allow you to strategize more, and eventually, come up with game plans with the help of the neutral items you can use.


DOTA 2 Neutral Items List

Here is the complete list of neutral items in DOTA 2:

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Tier 5


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