DOTA 2 Patch 7.30 Update Now Live - Hero Changes, Official Gameplay Notes & More

Valve usually releases a major update for DOTA 2 after the end of a Major. We got to see a similar pattern with update 7.29 being released on April 9th, 5 days after the end of the Singapore Major.

Given that the AniMajor 2021 concluded on June 13th, it is expected that a major update will soon be released in DOTA 2. Considering various leaks as well as Valve's official announcements, the upcoming update has a few interesting additions for DOTA 2 fans.

Here's everything you need to know about DOTA 2 Update 7.30.

Official 7.30 Patch Notes & Changes Revealed

The latest gameplay update to DOTA 2 is finally live after a very long wait.

We're not going to run through all the nitty-gritty changes right here, since the patch notes are over 8000 words long!

Instead, head over to the DOTA 2 website to view the patch notes if you want a complete breakdown.

If you don't fancy reading through all 8000 words, then don't worry. We've detailed some of the biggest changes and implications of the update on a couple of individual breakdowns.

For instance, if you want to know all of the Removed and New DOTA 2 Items in Update 7.30, we got you covered. We've also taken a look at How Will DOTA 2 Update 7.30 Affect The International 10 Meta.


Patch 7.30 News

Update (16 August 2021) - The upcoming DOTA 2 update is scheduled to release later this week after the Nemestice Battle Pass ends. Players are suggested to note that update 7.30 will set the trends for TI10 as it will be the last major patch before the DOTA 2 championship. Although there will be sub-patches and hotfixes to further balance the game, update 7.30 will set the basic guidelines for what fans can expect at TI10.

Update (06 August 2021) - Valve has finally issued a statement regarding the upcoming 7.30 update in DOTA 2. According to the official release, the update is scheduled to arrive after the Nemestice Battle Pass ends. This confirms that update 7.30 will be releasing on Friday, 20th August.

Update (26 July 2021) - The 7.30 update for DOTA 2 is yet to release and the community is slowly growing frustrated with the delay. Although there could be a couple of reasons behind the delay, it has been more than two entire months since the release of the last gameplay update. Having said that, as Valve continues to delay the release of update 7.30, the community's list of expectations from the same are rapidly increasing.

DOTA 2 Heroes
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Release Date

Most major updates for DOTA 2 are released on Fridays. With that in mind, it is expected that update 7.30 could be released on June 18th.

However, with the ESL One Summer 2021 DOTA 2 Championships currently underway, it is expected that the update will arrive after the tournament concludes on June 20th.

Update: Owing to the TI10 Regional Qualifiers being underway until 10th July, it seems obvious that the long-awaited update will arrive after the final 16 teams are finalized for the DOTA 2 Championship.

However, as is expected of Valve, there have been no announcements regarding update 7.30 yet. We'll update this page with the latest news as it becomes available.

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Possible Updates & Changes

The entire DOTA 2 community would agree on one thing: Icefrog does not allow any hero or item to dominate the meta for long.

Having said that, after repeated successful appearances of certain heroes and items during the DOTA 2 AniMajor 2021, it seems safe to say that the upcoming update could overturn the entire meta.

Here are a few heroes that could be hit by nerfs in update 7.30:

  • Mars
  • Terrorblade
  • Puck
  • Enchantress
  • Lion

Here are a few items that could receive a nerf in update 7.30:

  • Aeon Disk
  • Eye of Skadi
  • Swift Blink
  • Vanguard
  • Lotus Orb

On top of these changes, one of the biggest changes that players have been waiting for is the addition of Dawnbreaker in Captain's Mode lobbies. It is expected that update 7.30 will not only introduce Dawnbreaker in professional matches but also provide the hero with an Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard upgrade.

Apart from these, various neutral items could also be affected by nerfs or buffs to balance their impact on the game. Additionally, judging from previous updates, it is highly expected that various heroes will undergo balancing changes in update 7.30.

Upcoming Events

Valve has confirmed that instead of one Battle Pass in Summer, the aim for DOTA 2 is to present content "on a more regular schedule throughout the year." Additionally, the official release also confirmed that players will receive a new in-game event in mid-to-late June.

This lines up perfectly for the release of update 7.30 on June 18th. Additionally, there have been various leaks that suggest the return of the Greeviling event in DOTA 2.

However, Valve recently announced that the upcoming Summer event will be called "Nemestice" and will be releasing during this week. Judging by Valve's record o releasing major updates on Friday, players can expect Nemestice to arrive on June 25th.

Update (16 August 2021) - With the Nemestice Battle Pass finally coming to an end on Wednesday, 18th August, there have been multiple speculations regarding the release of the second Battle Pass. Given that TI10 is scheduled to be held in October, it seems certain that Valve will be looking to release the second Battle Pass of the year to coincide with the DOTA 2 Championship.

Additionally, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Season 2 of the DOTA: Dragon's Blood Netflix anime series. The first season of the anime provided a deeper insight into the lore of DOTA with multiple popular characters like Luna, Mirana, Dragon Knight, Invoker, and even Terrorblade making an appearance. It is expected that Season 2 of the anime will provide even deeper insights regarding the lore of DOTA while also portraying the enticing happenings in the fictional universe.

Hotfixes and Patches

Update 7.30b has been released on 23rd August with a bunch of further balancing updates for various heroes and items.

New Skins and Cosmetics

Spectre's Arcana, yes the long-awaited cosmetic could finally be making its appearance in DOTA 2 with the release of update 7.30. Because it has been over 9 months since the Arcana vote in the 2020 Battle Pass, Spectre's Arcana has been long overdue.

Apart from that, it is also expected that the upcoming in-game event will feature a bunch of new cosmetics like the Diretide event in 2020. However, until and unless the official patch notes are released, it is impossible to speculate which heroes might be receiving new skins in DOTA 2.

Having said that, the theme of the upcoming Nemestice summer event in DOTA 2 could be a possible link to Spectre's Arcana. On top of featuring a color theme that is extremely similar to Spectre, the name Nemestice feature links to Phantom Assassin and Oracle, two characters who have been closely associated with Spectre's lore in DOTA 2.

In-Game Chat Lines and Sprays

Given that the in-game chat-wheel voice lines and sprays received an overhaul recently with the Summer update on June 2nd, it is unlikely for Valve to reshuffle them so soon.

Here is a list of all the voice lines and sprays available in DOTA 2 right now:

  • "What Just Happened?"
  • "Нет нет ДА!"
  • "你气不气?"
  • Ancient Apparition Ice Cream
  • Sad Tree
  • Skywrath Dunno

We will update this section when new content becomes available in DOTA 2.

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