New Update Leaves DOTA 2 Community Disappointed

June 18th, the expected date of update 7.30's release in DOTA 2 turned out to be a disappointment for the community.

Valve did make an announcement along with a 100+ MB game client update on the same day. However, the highly anticipated update 7.30 as well as the already confirmed in-game event was neither revealed nor mentioned by Valve.

Instead, the update featured a new prediction menu for the regional qualifiers of The International 10. This new menu will allow players to earn a small amount of DOTA 2 shards to use in the DOTA Plus Store.

Here's everything to know about the new prediction feature in DOTA 2 for the Regional Qualifiers of The International 10.

Prediction feature for Regional Qualifiers

The new prediction feature was added to DOTA 2 on June 18th and will allow players to earn up to 6,000 DOTA Shards by making correct predictions.

The regional qualifiers feature six regions, allowing players to predict the six TI10 representatives from each region. Correctly predicting the qualifying team from a region will reward players with 1,000 DOTA Shards each.

Community's disappointment with the delayed update

Despite countless expectations of the 7.30 update arriving on June 18th, Valve has chosen not to release it while the ESL One Summer 2021 tournament is yet to conclude. However, the community is fairly disappointed with this decision.

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Given that the update did not arrive on Friday, it is now expected to arrive after ESL One Summer 2021 DOTA 2 Championship ends on June 20th. Having said that, the 7.30 update releasing on June 20th would mean that teams participating in the regional qualifiers will have very little time to get acquainted with the new patch.

Additionally, the disappointment of a delayed patch has also reignited the controversy regarding Spectre's Arcana release. On top of that, various professional representatives have also joined in on Twitter to express their disappointment at the entire scenario.

Apart from that, the community is also disappointed at the lack of an in-game event. Despite Valve promising an in-game event for DOTA 2 in "mid-late June," there haven't been any revelations for the same. This has caused quite a bit of displeasure in the community.

Leaving everything else aside, even the new prediction feature seems to be an overall disappointment for the community. The fact that players will receive a total of 1,000 DOTA shards for each correct prediction seems extremely low.

Given that players require a huge number of shards to purchase items from the DOTA Plus Store, the number of shards received from the new prediction feature hardly makes a difference for most players.

Having said that, it is expected that update 7.30 along with the new in-game event will be arriving in DOTA 2 very soon. However, judging by Valve's past record, it is practically impossible to predict when the update will eventually arrive.

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