Best DOTA 2 Heroes To Kill Roshan In Update 7.30

Roshan is an extremely essential objective in DOTA 2 which grants a specific hero with immortality for a specific duration. Considering the complex and difficult mechanics of the game, Aegis of Immortality dropped by the Roshan can be absolutely crucial in determining the outcome of a match.

However, killing the Roshan is not the easiest task in the game. Featuring a massive health pool with passive abilities that allow him to bash and slow any hero who dares to attack him. Nevertheless, there are some heroes who are ideally equipped with abilities that allow them to shred through the Roshan's health pool even at early levels.

Without further ado, let's dive in and take a look at the best heroes for killing Roshan in DOTA 2.

Best Heroes to Kill Roshan in DOTA 2

Templar Assassin

Despite being hit by various nerfs in update 7.30, Lanaya, the Templar Assassin is still one of the best heroes to kill an early Roshan. Thanks to her Meld ability which reduces the enemy's armor massively allows Lanaya to deal massive bursts of physical damage to Roshan.

It is advised that Templar Assassin builds a desolator before heading into the Roshan pit as that further lowers the monster's armor.


Arguably one of the best heroes in DOTA 2 who is capable of solo-killing the Roshan, Ursa's Fury Swipes ability allows him to deal massive chunks of physical damage to the river monster. Additionally, Ursa's enrage allows him to take reduced damage from Roshan, thus being able to claim the Aegis of Immortality for himself.

However, before heading into Roshan's pit, it is advised that Ursa builds a Morbid Mask or some other item that grants him life-steal. This will allow the hero to sustain for a longer duration inside the pit.


One of the most proactive off-laners in the game, Slardar's Corrosive Haze ability takes a massive chunk of armor away from the affected unit. This allows Slardar to massively decrease Roshan's armor and his teammates to deal huge amounts of collective physical damage.

Despite Slardar's overall tanky attributes, it is advised that the hero has some form of tankability items such as a Vanguard or even a simple Ring of Health to sustain Roshan's heavy blows.

Outworld Devourer

This image depicts the changes to Outworld Devourer with update 7.30 in DOTA 2.
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Image via Valve

With the recent changes in update 7.30, Outworld Devourer's Arcane Orb can now be used against the Roshan. For those who are unaware, Arcane Orb deals a percentage of Outworld Devourer's current mana as Pure Damage to the enemy. Given that the hero can now continuously hit the Roshan with Pure Damage, allows Outworld Devourer to quickly go through Roshan's entire health pool and claim the Aegis of Immortality for himself.

Having said that, it is highly advised that Outworld Devourer is accompanied by a tanky hero who can withstand Roshan's heavy blows. Given that Outworld Devourer himself is a fairly squishy hero, he cannot withstand too many of the Roshan's attacks.

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