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DOTA 2: Best Off Lane Heroes For 2021 (Update 7.29d)

DOTA 2's constantly evolving meta ensures that the game always has something new to offer for players. Be it heroes and items or simply the layout of the map, Icefrog often likes to shuffle the entire meta to provide a fresh experience in DOTA 2.

These regular meta-shifts make sure that the game is in a state of constant flux with even the strongest heroes getting hit by a random nerf.

Having said that, the off-lane is an extremely important role in DOTA 2. The main objective of this role is to create chaos in a game that further creates space for the carry hero to farm without any risks. With that in mind, players are suggested to draft in-meta heroes that are more likely to win their lanes and take over the map.

Here are the top five in-meta DOTA 2 off-lane heroes that players should draft to gain an advantage from the draft phase itself.

Top 5 off-lane heroes in DOTA 2

#5 - Timbersaw

One of the most sustain-heavy off-lane heroes in Dota 2, Rizzrack, the Timbersaw is capable of withstanding massive amounts of physical damage owing to his Reactive Armor ability. This ability grants Timbersaw bonus armor and health regeneration every time the hero is attacked. Additionally, the ability stacks multiple times, resulting in a huge amount of armor and health regeneration for Timbersaw.


All the other three abilities that hero possesses deal pure damage to enemies. This makes Timbersaw exceptionally strong during the early to mid-game stages when the enemy heroes do not have high HP.

However, players should note that Timbersaw's only weakness is magical burst damage. Thus, players are advised to build a Hood of Defiance or other Magic Resistance items to make the hero even more sustainable.

#4 - Dragon Knight

Famous for his role in the DOTA: Dragon's Blood anime, Davion, the Dragon Knight is one of the best space creators as well as lane pressure heroes in DOTA 2. Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon Form allows the hero to take down towers with ease. Additionally, the hero's Dragon Blood ability grants him huge amounts of Armor and Health Regeneration passively.


Dragon Knight also features a disable in the form of Dragon Tail which is extremely good at setting up ganks on an unsuspecting enemy. Players can either choose to play Dragon Knight as a defensive tank or as an aggressive lane pressure who also sets up kills on enemy heroes.

Breathe Fire allows Davion to reduce the physical damage dealt by enemies, making it an extremely effective spells in team fights. Given that Breathe Fire is an area-of-effect ability, Dragon Knight can hit multiple enemies at the same time with this ability.

#3 - Dark Seer

Dark Seer is one of the best split-push heroes in the game. The hero makes up for his squishy nature with an arsenal of utilities that can overturn the entire course of a match. Apart from Ion Shell being one of the best split-push abilities in the game, Dark Seer's other abilities are also extremely useful.


The hero features a vacuum ability which can be used to drag in enemies inside a fixed radius. This ability can be used to combo multiple lethal spells that can even result in a team-wipe. Additionally, Dark Seer's surge can be utilized to grant a massive movement speed bonus to a specific hero while chasing or running away from an enemy.

Dark Seer's Parallel Wall is arguably one of the best team-fight abilities in DOTA 2. All the illusions created by this ability can be controlled by Dark Seer to focus massive amounts of physical damage on enemy heroes.

#2 - Broodmother

One of the scariest and most active heroes in DOTA 2, Broodmother is capable of solo-killing any enemy that makes the mistake of crossing her path. Additionally, the hero is also accompanied by an entire army of spiderlings that can deplete the health pool of any hero when caught off-guard.


The recent AniMajor 2021 was a clear example of how lethal the hero can be in most situations. Despite the high complexity tier featured for Broodmother, the hero can be absolutely devastating in the right hands. Broodmother is also exceptionally strong when it comes to melting towers and securing objectives for her team.

However, players should note that abilities like Echo Slam, Stroke of Fate, and Overwhelming Odds amongst others can be lethal for Broodmother. Having said that, players are advised to draft Broodmother only in favorable situations. This is because playing the hero can be fairly difficult against heroes that counter her objectives.

#1 - Mars

Definitely the strongest hero in the current meta, Mars features an arsenal that can be used both offensively as well as defensively. Be it pushing an enemy away with God's Rebuke or setting up a kill using Spear of Mars, the hero is useful in almost every scenario.


Additionally, Mars' Bulwark allows the hero to attract up to 70% of incoming attack projectiles to reduce the incoming damage inflicted on the rest of their team. On top of everything, Arena of Blood is an extremely good zoning ability that can be used to control the location of the team fight.

After the incredible performance put out by Mars players at the DOTA 2 AniMajor 2021, it is safe to say that Mars is definitely the strongest off-lane hero in update 7.29d.

General Tips for the Off-Lane

While the role of an off-lane hero is to primarily create space for their carry hero, it is important to do so without feeding farm to the enemy heroes. For this reason, there are a few tips that off-lane players should keep in mind while playing DOTA 2. These tips include:

  • Ensure that you have the vision of the region or enemy that you wish to gank
  • Catch enemies that are the easiest to burst to earn solo kills or pick-offs.
  • Ensure that you are positioned correctly to prevent the enemy from jumping on the squishy heroes on your team.
  • Try and disrupt the enemy carry during the laning stage.

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