The Best Emulator for Dislyte on PC and Mac

After around nine months in soft launch, Dislyte is about set to take over the world. The newest mobile title from AFK Arena's Lilith Games is, like its predecessor, supportive of emulation, meaning it's fully playable on PC/Mac for those who prefer to play on a big screen. But what is the best emulator for Dislyte? We've got the answer from the studio itself.

Most mobile games can be emulated to a PC nowadays, with most developers fully supporting those who play their phone games on a PC. And with AFK Arena being a staple choice on emulators like BlueStacks, it isn't surprising to hear that Lilith Games supports the use of emulators for its latest title as well.

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What Is the Best Emulator for Dislyte?

Though you're free to use any Android emulator you prefer, Lilith Games told us via email that there are only two emulators it specifically recommends for Dislyte - NoxPlayer and BlueStacks. Both are free, popular, and relatively straightforward to install and setup. The studio didn't go into specifics, but did call them "reliable" options.

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Why Should I Emulate Dislyte On PC

By emulating Dislyte on your PC, you'll get to enjoy its high-resolution sharper graphics and smoother gameplay if your phone or tablet isn't quite up to task.

Beyond that, it's generally easier to have information resources open while you game on a PC as well. And with no battery to worry about, you can play for a whole day without interruption. A mouse is a natural stand-in for a touchscreen device, after all.

How Do I Play Dislye on PC?

Once you've decided which Dislyte emulator you want to use, it's just a matter of downloading and installing them. Get that out of the way, either use the Google Play Store built into the emulator to download Dislyte like you would on a phone. If you don't have access to it, you should be able to download the Dislyte APK from the official website.

Drop the APK file into the emulator window and it should install after a slight delay. If there's an error, you might just have to create a 64-bit instance. On BlueStacks, these are managed using a button on the right sidebar.

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