Dislyte Codes - Free In-Game Rewards

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Screenshot from Dislyte, showing four characters hanging around a car

Looking for some useful Dislyte codes? We're here to help! We've compiled all the current redeemables in the latest gacha game from AFK Arena's Lilith Games. This neon-inflected title is all about gacha, as you unlock new characters to add to your Esper Squad, fight behemoths, and maintain peace in a cyberpunk city.

It's a love letter to gacha RPGs and mythology, combining characters and themes from Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek history to create a superheroic roster. As a gacha game, you'll want to spin as much as possible to unlock new fighters, which is where our codes can come in handy. Considering AFK Arena has a vast amount of free summons and gold available through codes, players will likely expect the same for Dislyte, too.

While the wait for Dislyte's official public launch goes on, there are plenty of other games to snag codes for. Check out our Warpath codes or AFK Arena codes to get to grips with Lilith's earlier hits. We've also got Cookie Run: Kingdom codes to give you a boost in this cutesy RPG adventure.

All Working Dislyte Codes

  • As of the time of writing, there are no working Dislyte codes, as the game has yet to release.

We last updated this list on November 23, 2021, but keep checking back, as we'll be updating this list the second Dislyte codes go live.

Expired codes:

  • There are currently no expired Dislyte codes.

What Are Dislyte Codes?

While the game isn't out quite yet, we can take a good guess at what Dislyte codes will contain. Expect to see codes unlocking free scrolls, which is how you'll unlock new characters. As a game so geared around gacha and spinning to get new fighters for your Esper Squad, there will certainly be some scrolls in codes to come.

Equally, don't be surprised to see free gold and other in-game currencies in future codes. These will likely be used to purchase everything from character upgrades to new accessories and power-ups. Again, it's hard to predict exactly how you'll use gold and premium currencies, as the game is not out yet. However, we'll be sure to update this guide the instant we have more details to share.

How Do I Use Dislyte Codes?

Since Dislyte isn't out yet and very few people have their hands on it, the specifics behind the code redemption process aren't yet clear. However, we can make a good guess based on how you redeem codes in Lilith's other mobile mega-hit, AFK Arena. We'll update it with more specific details once the game is live, but here's how it will probably go:

  • Head to the Dislyte website, which will likely have a dedicated code redemption page.
  • On this page, input your in-game ID and the corresponding code from our list above.
    • To find your ID, you'll need to go to Dislyte's settings menu, as well as making an account to save your progress.
  • Hit Redeem, and if the code is valid, you'll receive the freebies via Dislyte's in-game mail.

How Do I Get More Dislyte Codes?

While there may not be any Dislyte codes available just yet, there are a few places to keep checking when they do eventually drop. First and foremost is the official Twitter page, which is constantly sharing character guides, as well as details on maintenance periods and special giveaways. Equally, you should keep locked on the Dislyte website, which has a news section that could well contain codes in the future.

Elsewhere, you can join the official Discord, follow the Facebook page, subscribe to the Dislyte YouTube, and check out its Instagram. That's a lot of social media to cover, so if you want to find all the codes in one place, bookmark this page and check back regularly. The second codes go live, we'll be updating our list, so Only Mobile Gaming is definitely the place to be.

When Is the Dislyte Release Date?

Dislyte is currently only in early access, meaning most fans are patiently waiting for a wide release. Sadly, there's no confirmed release date as of yet, meaning we'll have to wait for more announcements. The game appears to be in the later stages of development, as beta testing ramps up and updates are more and more frequent. As such, there shouldn't be too much longer to wait, but we'll update you once Lilith finally confirms the Dislyte release date.