24 Feb 2021

Destiny 2 Down: Server Issues Affecting PS5, Xbox and PC Players

Beyond Light marks the start of the next chapter of Destiny 2, but as a live service game, it'll always need maintenance.

If you've started seeing bizarre error codes, chances are that you won't be the only one, and it could be that there's scheduled downtime - or something more sinister.

Destiny 2 Servers Down: How Long Will Downtime Last? Latest Updates

According to Bungie's help page, Destiny 2 (and Destiny 1) players were unable to login for much of last night.

Bungie has since noted that servers should be back online, but that anyone still encountering issues should report to the developer's help forums.

You can find those here.

Here's hoping the outage was just a blip, though some are suggesting it could have stemmed from a DDOS attack putting too much stress on the servers.

It's also worth remembering that despite its online nature, Destiny downtime is rare outside of scheduled maintenance.

Still, now that you're back online, why not check out the excellent new Presage mission, eh?