Destiny 2 The Final Shape Showcase - Schedule, what to expect, and more

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Destiny 2 Showcase
Credit: Bungie

The Final Shape promises to be the epic conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga in D2, with Bungie announcing an upcoming Destiny 2 Showcase to reveal key information ahead of the highly anticipated expansion.

Bungie live streams are usually jam-packed with information and hype trailers. Considering what we've seen so far in regards to The Final Shape, such as the return of beloved character Cayde-6, this Destiny 2 Showcase probably won't be an exception.

Without further ado, this is everything you can expect from the Destiny 2 The Final Shape Showcase.

Destiny 2 Showcase 2023 - Date and start time

The Destiny 2 Showcase focusing on The Final Shape will happen on 22 August, Bungie announced via social media.

The event will start at 9 AM PT so better add it to your calendar.

Where to watch

There will be two main streams to tune in and enjoy the Destiny 2 Showcase:

As always, there will be plenty of co-streamers and live reactions from the most popular Destiny 2 content creators, so be on the lookout if you're trying to catch a specific stream on the day of the showcase.

Destiny 2 Twitch Drops

Yes, Destiny Bulletin has confirmed viewers that tune in will be able to redeem Twitch Drops during the showcase. We have an entire article dedicated to help you link your Bungie and Twitch accounts!

What to expect from the Destiny 2 The Final Shape Showcase

Destiny 2 players have not always seen eye-to-eye with Bungie regarding some decisions the developers have made in recent years.

Destiny 2 showcase 2023
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Credit: Capcom
Cayde-6 is returning to Destiny 2

In fact, Lightfall received a lukewarm reaction from the community after massive anticipation that promised us a first epic confrontation against The Witness to set up things for The Final Shape. That didn't happen.

Bungie needs to come out swinging with the upcoming Destiny 2 Showcase, revealing more information about the nature of The Witness, their relationship with The Traveler, and maybe give fans a hint as to how Cayde-6 made a miraculous return.

Another key point of interest for fans is what's next after The Final Shape. The DLC is seen as the culmination of everything Bungie's been building up for the past nine years, and many fans are wondering if this will be the definitive end to Destiny 2 as the devs move on to other projects, such as Marathon.

The answer is no, of course not! Bungie won't let Destiny 2 die anytime soon, especially after signing that lucrative deal with Sony. Still, it'll be interesting to see if they mention their plans moving forward.

2024 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Destiny IP, with the original game released on September 2014. A potential announcement like the Bungie 30th Anniversary expansion is possible, although don't be surprised if they keep that under wraps for the foreseeable future.


Finally, we believe Bungie will absolutely acknowledge the passing of Lance Reddick, the iconic Hollywood actor that was the voice of Commander Zavala since 2014.

Reddick left a massive void in the hearts of everyone involved with Destiny 2 just based on his sheer passion for the role, continuously engaging with the community and playing the game in his spare time.

So that's it! Are you excited for the showcase? For more content, check out our picks for the best PvE weapons in Destiny 2.

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