Destiny 2 Best PvP Weapons, Ranked For Trials of Osiris

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Destiny 2 has a lot of weapons to offer. Almost everyday, I seem to stumble on some new weapon or the other.

That being said, not all weapons are suitable in every environment. If you've been playing Destiny 2 for a while, you will know that this game has different PvP and PvE activities.

There are a few weapons that are tailored for PvP activities while there are some which are well suited for PvE activities only. Here's our very own list of the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2, which are certainly worth grabbing when playing Trials of Osiris.


Top 5 PvP Weapons in Destiny 2 For Trials of Osiris


#5 Ace of Spades

Coming in 5th place is the Ace of Spades. This weapon was a gift that you earned from completing the Forsaken campaign.

Although the Forsaken campaign will be going to the vault soon, this weapon is here to stay. With a magazine of 13 rounds and a capacity of 140 rounds per minute, the Ace of Spades is a worthy contender on this list.

The perks on this weapon allow you to have a radar while aiming down the sights. And interestingly enough, reloading after a kill grants few high damage bullets.


#4 Vex Mythoclast

The Vex Mythoclast wasn't supposed to be on this list. But thanks to the buffs its received, it's made it to the number 4 spot on this list.


Although you won't be seeing too many fusion rifles in PvP in Destiny 2, the Mythoclast has turned into a staple bit in most PvP activities.

You can get your hands on this weapon from the Vault of Glass Raid. And if you've managed to get this weapon, you better be using it.

#3 Felwinter's Lie

The weapon fought hard with the Fractethyst and managed to make it to the list. The Felwinter's Lie has continued to be a staple shotgun in the PvP meta.


It's been nerfed for a while but then again, there are a few perks that make this weapon a formidable shotgun in PvP activities in Destiny 2.

If you manage to pick up a few good rolls like Slideshot or Surplus, the Felwinter's Lie is something that you shouldn't be taking lightly.

#2 The Palindrome

The Palindrome is another hand cannon that makes it to the list. It's almost similar to the Ace of Spades, but is slightly more dangerous that its predecessor.


If you manage to get your hands on the Adept version of this weapon, and if you've been lucky enough to get a good roll or two, there's no way this weapon can go wrong in Destiny 2.

But yes, in order to get this weapon, you will have to make it to the Lighthouse after getting 7 Flawless wins in Trials of Osiris.

#1 The Messenger

Arguably the best weapon on this list, the Messenger is the king of Pulse Rifles for a reason. Just like The Palindrome, you will receive this weapon from the Trials of Osiris.


What makes this weapon interesting is the Desperado roll that comes with this weapon. With this roll, if you reload after a precision hit, you have a higher rate of fire.

If you see someone running at you with this weapon, move out of their way Guardian.

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