PS4 vs PS5: Is It Worth Upgrading?

So is it actually worth upgrading from a PS4 to a PS5? It's a valid question to ask, perhaps even more so than whether to go for a PS5 Disc vs PS5 Digital in many ways.

The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are still excellent machines and are being used by millions around the world, but even over a year after the PS5's release, we've arguably not seen the best the console has to offer.

However, with new firmware updates, the possibility of a 1440p output for the PS5, plus new games heading our way, it seems that the decision to upgrade isn't quite as clear cut as you'd think...

PS4 vs PS5: Should You Upgrade?

So let's take a look at what we think are the most important areas to consider when making your choice, and how the consoles compare.

PS4 vs PS5 Games

PS5 can play PS4 games, plus it does have some exclusives, made specifically with the console's enhanced power in mind, however, they are still few and far between.

Titles like Returnal for instance are great, but somewhat niche in their audience (which isn't a bad thing mind you), however, we are yet to see hugely popular games be exclusive to PS5 owners.

At the moment, it doesn't seem to make much sense to make too many PS5 exclusives, as there are still so many people who are playing on PS4 or PS4 Pro.

It's increasingly likely that we'll see some of the most anticipated titles become playable on both PS5 and PS4 for some time to come.

BIG THINGS: Massive titles are heading to PS4
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Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment
BIG THINGS: Massive titles are heading to PS4

And when it comes to the most popular games out there, such as Fortnite, Warzone, Apex Legends, Battlefield, and much more, they are all extremely accessible regardless of the console you buy.

Nowadays with the surge in cross-platform titles, you don't 'need' a PS5 to mix it up online with other players, so at the core of it you're not missing out on too much.

PS4 vs PS5 Price

Price is always something to consider, even between PS5 and PS5 Digital.

Currently, the PS4 Slim has a price point of around £259.99/$299.99, and yes, that is surprisingly high considering it's now 'old gen'.

To upgrade you're looking at a minimum of $100 for the PS5 Digital, and $200 for the PS5 Disc Edition, and that's not including any extra controllers, headsets and even an HDMI 2.1 TV too...

There's also the fact that, even with the Scuf PS5 controller finally available, options are limited to the DualSense gamepad with the next-gen console.

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This means that you have to pay that amount, while PS4 allows you to use many of the third party, but excellent, controllers that come in cheaper.

Whichever way you look at it, upgrading to a PS5 can be quite costly, but that's if you can get your hands on one...

PS4 vs PS5 Availability

If you've been following us over at Gfinity Deals, or checked in with our daily PS5 stock tracker, you'll know that securing a PS5 is incredibly challenging.

We've seen stock vanish in mere minutes, and if you're not glued to Twitter, then your chances become fairly slim.

While we don't know for sure how long the stock issues will go on, we're hoping that next year will bring a less painful experience to those still on the hunt for their console.

On the other hand, getting a PS4 is far more straight forward and you can generally find one at most major retailers, many of which have some unique bundles with amazing games.

It's also worth noting that Sony may be making more PS4s in response to the stock shortages, so your chances of getting one could have just risen further!

PS4 vs PS5 Features

One of the primary reasons to upgrade to the PS5 comes in the form of its feature set, which is genuinely quite impressive.

Standout features include gaming at 4K 120fps on select titles, super-fast loading times, upgradable internal storage, and of course, the innovative DualSense Controller which even with the new third-party addition from SCUF Gaming is still the best controller for PS5 in our eyes.

The PS5 even supports ray-tracing on select games, and will likely see 8K support in the future.

PS4 vs PS5 Specs

These added features that the PS5 provides are down to a multitude of improvements, including a much beefier spec sheet.

In terms of sheer processing power, the PS5 opts to utilise the latest AMD Zen 2 architecture that offers up 3D Audio capabilities and the potential ability to handle 8K gaming. On the other side, the PS4 uses an older AMD Jaguar chip that is good for FHD gaming at around 30fps.

You'll also find the PS5 has more RAM than its predecessor, with 16GB in contrast to 8GB, and a much speedier GPU with the PS4's clock speed of 0.8GHz being just over a third of the PS5's 2.23GHz.

PS4 vs. PS5 VR Support

Unlike the stark difference in spec sheet, there isn't too much difference between the PS4 and PS5 when it comes to VR support, at least for the moment.

The original PSVR headset is compatible with both consoles, but it just requires some more cabling to work with the PS5, and whilst there is the question of whether PSVR runs better on PS5, it's, unfortunately, the case that the only difference the PS5 offers is quicker load times.

That could all change though with the release of PSVR 2 which will be a headset specifically engineered to harness the power of the PS5.

Is It Worth Upgrading From PS4 to PS5?

In our opinion, if PS5 Digital were available readily we'd say yes. An extra $100 for a much more powerful machine plus an amazing new controller is worth it.

But that's the issue here. The PS5 is just not readily available at this time, and while we've got our fingers crossed that this will change, it is tough to put a date as to when it will.

For PS4 owners looking to upgrade, here are a few options to consider.

Upgrade Your Display

Take your pick from one of the best PS4 gaming monitors out there or the best 4K TVs, and switch up your display to something that'll give a new level of polish to your gaming experience.

Upgrade Your Audio

Whether it's getting the best headset or going all-in with an awesome soundbar for gaming, you can really add another dimension to your sessions when you invest a little in the right speakers.

Upgrade Your TV

Make sure that you've got a TV that provides fast refresh rates and high contrast. Some of the best 120hz TVs for gaming (especially OLEDs) are great for this, and future proof you for when you decide to upgrade.

Get Stock Alerts

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