Does PS5 Support Ray Tracing? Here's What You Should Know

For those of you out there who are all about hyper-realistic graphics and full-on immersive gameplay, then you'll need to know if the PS5 supports Ray Tracing.

PS5 is certainly an incredible machine, capable of super-fast loading speeds, 120fps at 4K on select games, and even, after a new update, expandable internal storage too, but ray tracing can really take games to a whole new level.

So does this powerhouse console support ray tracing? The answer is not quite as straightforward as you might think...

PS5 Ray Tracing Support

So, the 'official' answer is that the PS5 does support ray tracing, which is good news right...right?

Well, as with all things tech, it's rarely that black and white. In fact, it's not so much about whether the console supports ray tracing, but rather what games are supported.

Why Don't All PS5 Games Support Ray Tracing?

Ray tracing is one of the demanding tasks to perform, which is why you usually have to have a beast of a graphics card and a standout gaming PC to pull it off.

It allows for 'tracing' an in-game 'ray' of light in real-time, which means that lighting and shadows look far more dynamic, and thus much more realistic.

But since it's so demanding on the machine you're using, many developers won't put ray tracing support as a high priority, choosing instead to focus on other areas of the game.

What we'll likely see is that as the console goes through a few iterations (who knows, potentially a PS5 Pro), we'll see more games support it.

What Games Have Ray Tracing on PS5?

So, there are a few titles that have ray tracing on PS5, but here are the games we think will pique your interest in terms of graphics.

We'll update this list was more releases as we see them!

Performance With Ray Tracing

With the demands of ray tracing, it's worth noting that some of these titles won't hold the same framerates with it on.

Control and Deathloop for example will drop to 30fps, but this can vary across different games.

If you're all about sitting back and enjoying the visuals, then a lower frame rate isn't so bad in our books!

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