The PS5 SCUF Controller Is Heading Our Way...Here's When

If you're on the hunt for the best controller for PS5 options are, well, a little limited at the moment, but the good news is that folks at Scuf have something up their sleeves.

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Here's everything we know about the new PS5 controller, and when it could be heading our way.

PS5 SCUF Controller Release Date


SCUF make some quality controllers, more often than not designed with the pros and competitive gamers in mind, so naturally when talk turned to their take on the PS5 DualSense, we were all pretty excited to quite literally get our hands on one.

While the SCUF PS5 controller was said to be with us by now, some understandable bumps in the road meant that there was a delay, and it did look like there was a concrete release window.

A recent tweet from the company itself though has confirmed further delays due to what they've called "hurdles affecting the whole industry" to the release of the PS5 controller and a change to their release strategy.

Scuf have said they'll be launching their new controller "later in the year" with no firm release date and in "limited quantity drops" and it would make sense that stock would sell out rather quickly, so when it does drop, you'll need to be quick to try and get one.

Why Was The SCUF PS5 Controller Delayed?

Scuf themselves address this to their fans in an earlier tweet when they stated the controller would arrive by Christmas 2021, referencing 'compounding effects caused by supply chain bottlenecks' as one of the reasons the release has been pushed back.

These issues are not unheard of, especially over what has been a challenging year for much of the gaming industry.


Should You Buy A SCUF PS5 Controller?

Ah, the million-dollar question. Well, at this stage we don't know much about what features it offers, but we can make an informed guess that we'll see paddles on the underside of the controller which will be mappable as with some of the company's other entries.

But, without too much to go on, we can't say for sure just yet.

We'll have our eyes peeled for its release and we're looking forward to taking a test drive for ourselves too.

How Much Is The PS5 Scuf Controller?

While we don't know the price exactly, we'd expect it to be quite pricey, most likely over $100 if we had to make a prediction based on other high-end controllers on the market from the likes of Razer and of course, the Xbox Elite.

For competitive gamers, we think it should be worth the price, and we also think it's a much-needed solution for those out there who want that custom experience when playing on PS5.

We'll be back with you as soon as we hear more. Till then!

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