PS5 SCUF Controller: Release Dates, Specs, Price, And Everything We Know So Far

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If you're on the hunt for the best controller for PS5 options are, well, a little limited at the moment, but the good news is that folks at Scuf are here to save the day.

Scuf recently unveiled their new line of Reflex controllers for PS5, however, those expecting to grab one straight off the bat may have to wait longer than they thought...

Here's everything we know about the PS5 SCUF Reflex controller release dates.

PS5 SCUF Controller Release Date

After some delays, the new line of controllers for PS5 is here...well mostly.

There are three models currently listed on the site, the Reflex, the Reflex Pro, and the Reflex FPS.

At the time of writing only the Reflex Pro is listed as available to purchase, but it is sold out at this time. You can sign up on the site itself to up your chances at the next drop.

But what about the other two?

Well both are slated for a 2022 release, but a month hasn't been specified just yet.

If we had to throw a prediction into the mix, we'd say to expect the controllers around January or February as we imagine SCUF won't want to wait too long to get these models into the hands of gamers worldwide...especially prolific streamers.

Why Were The SCUF PS5 Controllers Delayed?

Scuf themselves address this to their fans in an earlier tweet when they stated the controller would arrive by Christmas 2021, referencing 'compounding effects caused by supply chain bottlenecks' as one of the reasons the release has been pushed back.

These issues are not unheard of, especially over what has been a challenging year for much of the gaming industry.

Should You Buy A SCUF PS5 Controller?

We haven't had our hands on the controller just yet, but they do look very high-end and tailored towards pro gamers.

If you take your gaming seriously and want to win big, we think they're a great investment.

How Much Is The PS5 Scuf Controller?

They're expensive for sure, and are currently listed at £199.99, £219.99, and £249.99 for the Reflex, Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS.

They do top the scales compared to current high-end options on the market from Razer and Xbox, but for competitive gamers, we think it should be worth the price.

And let's face it, it's a much-needed solution for those out there who want that custom experience when playing on PS5.

We'll be back with you as soon as we hear more. Till then!

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