Should I Buy A PS4 Pro? Here's What We Think

There have to be loads of people out there who would have asked themselves, 'Should I buy a PS4 Pro', especially as the good old PS5 is, well, a little hard to come by.

The powerful 'old gen' machine packs a serious punch in the performance department, and when paired with the right game, the best 4K TV or one of the top gaming monitors, it is still a force to be reckoned with in the console market.

But if you are considering upgrading, you may want to factor in a few things...

PS4 Pro Price

At the time of writing, the PS4 Pro's price is at $399 MSRP in the US and £349 over in the UK.

We know what you're thinking...and yes, it is a fair chunk of change.

Comparatively the PS5 Disc Edition comes in at $499, with the Digital Edition hitting shelves at $399.99.

From where we're standing, going for PS5 Digital Edition looks to be the most bang for your buck, but if only it were that easy...

PS4 Pro Availability

If you've been one of our followers at Gfinity Deals, you know that we've been in the trenches trying to help you get a PS5. But let's be honest, they are very hard to come by...

Similarly, the PS4 Pro can be a little tricky to come by also, especially in comparison to the PS4 Slim, which appears to be in abundance.

On our own search, more often than not we came across a number of PS4 Pros that were refurbished, which could be a good option for those keen to get the console and save some money, but for those looking for a completely new console, you may find yourself hunting around.

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PS4 Pro Specs

But is it really worth it to buy a PS4 Pro when we look at the specs? We'll leave the ultra-detailed specs for another time, but there are four big areas to take note of.

PS4 Pro Resolution

PS4 Pro can play some games in native 4K. What that means is that the image isn't upscaled from 1080p, and will therefore be much clearer and look brilliant on a standout 4K TV.

If you're a fan of immersive, cinematic gaming, the likes of which you'll find with Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us Part II, then this will be right up your street.

In addition, all new games released on PS4 have to feature a 'Pro Mode' so gamers can take advantage of the power of the PS4 Pro, which is certainly handy.

PS4 Pro Framerates

PS4 Pro is also capable of playing games in up to 60fps, compared to the Slim's 30fps. The more fps, the smoother the action, animations, and gameplay will look.

Big into First Person Shooters? Or just want to see how epic combat in Ghost of Tshumima can look at 60fps...the PS4 Pro can take your experience to a whole new level.


PS4 Pro also has twice the GPU power of the standard PS4, so you're getting shorter load times amongst other general improvements like better quality images.

Overall, this accounts for a total increase of 2.46 TFLOPs of power, which allows the PS4 Pro to offer up 4K gaming.

PS4 Pro Storage

You'll also find there's a whopping 1TB internal storage with the PS4 Pro, and with that, you've got something that's hard to say no to.

If you do get short of space though, it is also possible to upgrade the PS4 Pro's storage with either a brilliant external hard drive or you can swap out the internal hard drive with a quicker 2.5" SATA SSD.

PS4 Pro VR Support

The PS4 Pro also has the ability to work the original PSVR headset, outputting games in a crisper manner than on the standard PS4.

PSVR may run a bit better on PS5 due to faster load times, but to actually get the best experience, you can still use your PS4 Pro which saves the hassle of getting a PS5 in a world where it's rather difficult to find one.

In addition, it's only legacy controllers like the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move that currently work with PSVR, which gives your PS4 Pro another lease of life if you've already got one, and also is a rather big reason why it's worth picking up.

So Should I Buy A PS4 Pro?

In our humble opinion, we'd say when it comes to price, availability, and specs, holding out for PS5 Digital seems to be the winner here if you're looking for an upgrade, especially if performance is important to you.

How to get a PS5 Digital is another matter, but we'd say check in with us and our daily UK PS5 stock tracker for a helping hand. You can check out our comparison between PS5 Digital and PS5 right here.

If you're struggling to find a PS4 Pro, we'd recommend checking out a few gaming peripherals that can enhance your gaming experience right now, without the need of buying a brand new console.

Check out some of our top picks for best monitors for PS4 and if you're running low on space and want to keep your console running smoothly, take a glance at some of these awesome external PlayStation hard drives too!

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