Best PS4 Controller 2022: Our Top Picks For All Levels

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If you're after the best controller for PS4, we've got you covered right here.

Many of us are still gaming on PS4 and weighing up whether to upgrade to PS5. That can be down to the effort in tracking one down or simply waiting for more PS5 exclusives to tempt us in.

Either way, the reign of the PS4 is far from over and there are some seriously impressive controllers tailor-made for the console itself.

From pro-orientated gamepads designed to shave milliseconds off your inputs, to controllers which pack a visual punch and express your own unique style, there's literally something for everyone.

We've selected these controllers based on specs, reviews, and features they offer that make them stand out from the crowd, including controllers with paddles, remappable buttons, and advanced grips.

So, whether you're looking for a premium choice for competitive gaming like the Scuf Impact or one of Razer's finest, the Raiju Ultimate, here are our top PS4 controllers for all levels.

Let's dive in!

Best PS4 Controller

Best Premium PS4 Controller - Razer Raiju Ultimate

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Credit: Razer
Brand: Razer | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wireless/Wired | Compatibility: PS4, PC | Weight: 369g

Razer is well-known for producing high-quality gaming accessories and we think the Raiju Ultimate PS4 controller lives up to their name.

This controller boasts Razer mecha tactile action buttons, that claim to provide a cushioned touch and tangible feedback.

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It also features interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pad, allowing you to adjust to your desired comfort setting and playstyle.

Plus, the Razer Raiju Ultimate features RGB lighting with over 16.8 million colour options allowing you to add your personal touch too, not bad if you fancy doubling this up as your PC gamepad.

Best PS4 Controller For Competitive Gaming - Scuf Impact

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Credit: Scuf
Brand: Scuf | Colour: Multi | Connectivity: Wireless | Compatibility: PS4, PC | Weight: 170g without rumbles, 226g with rumbles in

If you're into the competitive gaming scene then the Scuf Impact is a difficult one to beat.

This controller is designed specifically with competitive gaming in mind and includes an array of features to help give you the edge.


With four interchangeable paddles, a customisable thumbstick area and various optional add-ons, this controller is highly adaptable, allowing you to fine-tune to your desired playstyle.

It also features adjustable hair triggers and quick shift trigger stops to help speed up your input speeds and make up those valuable milliseconds in intense competitive moments.

The Scuf Impact also features anti-friction rings, an improved ergonomic design and removable trigger covers, making it a fantastic choice in our eyes.

And when you do decide to upgrade from PS4 to PS5, they've also recently released the first third-party controller for the console, the Scuf Reflex which packs a serious punch too.

Best PS4 Controller All-Rounder - NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

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Credit: NACON
Brand: NACON | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wireless/Wired | Compatibility: PS4, PC | Weight: 861g

Another standout choice for us is the NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro V3.

This controller features adjustable thumbstick grips, with concave and convex options, allowing you to change grip depending on which you prefer.

It also features adjustable thumbstick heights, which can allow for a greater or reduced range of motion, adaptable to your playstyle.

The NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 also features a soft-touch texture and enhanced ergonomics to provide a comfortable feel while gaming.

Best Mid-Range PS4 Controller - Sony PlayStation DualShock 4

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Credit: Sony
Brand: Sony | Colour: Black / Blue / Camo / Red / Gold / White | Connectivity: Wireless | Compatibility: PS4, PC | Weight: 300g

Of course, we could have the best PS4 controller list and not mention Sony's very own DualShock 4.

While there is some debate over the new DualSense versus the DualShock 4, for many, the classic PS4 controller is still a go-to favourite.

This controller features an ergonomic design and accurate, highly responsive thumbsticks for greater precision in-game.

Plus, the DualShock 4 is significantly more affordable than other choices on this list and could make an excellent second controller.

Best PS4 Controller For Customisation - ASTRO Gaming C40 TR PS4

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Credit: ASTRO Gaming
Brand: ASTRO Gaming | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wireless | Compatibility: PS4, PC | Weight: 310g

If you're looking for something very specific and require a controller with high customisation, the ASTRO C40 TR could be the choice for you.

This controller features removable modules, allowing you to easily swap the D-pad and analogue sticks, allowing to you adapt to your playstyle and experience both offset and parallel configurations.

When it comes to competitive play, the ASTRO C40 TR also includes hair triggers and integrated remappable rear buttons, allowing you to perform certain functions without moving your thumb from the sticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a load of questions that crop up when it comes to finding the right PS4 controller, so we're on hand to answer as best we can!

What PS4 controllers do pros use?

Pros tend to use higher-end controllers when playing on PS4 and it's not uncommon to see gamepads from SCUF Gaming, Razer, and more.

The key thing that pros need is the ability to customize their thumbstick sensitivity and triggers too.

Hair triggers are valuable to shave off milliseconds, especially for first-person shooters, but are not advised for any racings games for instance.

You may want to go for a controller with paddles to keep your thumbs locked onto the thumbsticks too. Pros like Nick Mercs use a SCUF controller with paddles and swear by them, but they can come with a harsh learning curve.

Is the DualShock 4 a good controller?

Yes! It's a great controller, but the only downside is that it lacks some customisation and isn't amazing for people with big hands.

Having the thumbsticks next to each other can be a little too close for comfort for some people, and the thumbsticks themselves are fairly small.


Xbox controllers don't have this layout, and some people really prefer them, but the DualShock 4 is still a quality controller for most people.

Can You Use A PS4 Controller On PS5?

The short answer is both yes and no.

While you can use a PS4 controller on the PS5, it cannot be used on PS5 games that take advantage of next-gen features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

However, you will still be able to use your PS4 controller on your old-gen favourites thanks to backwards compatibility.

Are cheap PS4 controllers worth it?

You'd be surprised how good some of the lower-cost controllers can be, but in our eyes, it's worth investing a little more into your gamepad to avoid any issues from a potentially lower build quality.

But if you need something quick and don't mind that it may not last as long, a cheaper option should be fine for any impromptu multiplayer moments.

Is SCUF better than DualShock 4?

SCUF tend to create more competitive gamer-orientated controllers, so in that sense, you may want to consider the brand if you're a pro, but that being said DualShock 4 controllers are still amazing gamepads for most people.

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