Dead Island 2 length - How long to beat the game?

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Multiple zombies in Dead Island 2.
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 24, 2023: How long does it take to beat Dead Island 2? Find

Fancy taking on zombies around the streets of Hell-A? Then you'll definitely like to know how long it takes to beat Dead Island 2. If 2011's Dead Island is anything to go by, Dead Island 2 will keep you busy for a while.

Dead Island 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Dead Island and following numerous hurdles, Dambuster Studios has created a brand-new zombie-slaying extravaganza full of gore and engaging missions to complete.

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How long does it take to beat Dead Island 2?

The zombie attacks the character in Dead Island 2.
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According to a Wccftech interview with Adam Olsson and Lydia Cockerham, the art director and the narrative designer, beating Dead Island 2 should take approximately 20 hours.

This time includes completing the main storyline alongside some of the optional side missions you can complete while slaying the undead and exploring everything Hell-A has to explore.

If you do decide to complete all of the side missions, it may take longer than 20 hours to defeat the undead once and for all.

What is Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is a zombie-survival game where you have to fight numerous zombies while attempting to stay alive. Following an evacuation effort that went wrong, you and a few other survivors are on the hunt for another way out.


The main storyline features a wide range of characters and a huge variety of undead opponents that require a mixture of skill, stealth, and firepower to defeat.

Dead Island 2 looks like an amazing successor to the previous games and we are looking forward to the opportunity to see what kind of innovations it’ll bring to the franchise!

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