Dead Island 2 voice actors – full cast list

The sunset in Dead Island 2.

The sunset in Dead Island 2.
April 24, 2023: Wondering who voices your favourite Dead Island 2 characters? Find a full list of voice actors in our guide.

Everyone knows how important voice acting is for video games, and today we will provide you with a list of Dead Island 2 voice actors. There's a high chance you may recognise some of them from other games and the silver screen.

The hotly-anticipated sequel to 2011's popular zombie survival game is right around the corner and following numerous setbacks, Dambuster Studios is ready to unleash a new horde of the undead onto the streets of Hell-A.

Before we take a closer look at the Dead Island 2 voice actors appearing in the game, make sure to check our guides showcasing the system requirements. Also, we've got an article about the Dead Island 2 pre order bonuses.

The character is about to fight multiple zombies in Dead Island 2.
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Confirmed Dead Island 2 voice cast

There is a wide range of talents that voiced characters in Dead Island 2, with some of them armed with a wealth of experience from numerous projects. Here's a full list of confirmed voice actors that have lent their talents to the game:

  • Skye Bennett – Amy
  • Carolina Ravassa – Carla
  • Mick Wingert – Max
  • Jennifer Armour – Janet
  • Ronan Summers – Ryan
  • Derek Siow – Alex Nguyen
  • Michelle Fox – Dani
  • Okezie Morro – Jacob
  • Ethan Korver – Felix
  • Luke Stevenson – Zombies
  • Phillip E. Walker – Zombies

As you can see, we only know a handful of actors that have lent their voices to the Dead Island 2 characters. The most notable one is Skye Bennet who's known for their work in the Xenoblade franchise as the English voice actor for Mythra and Pyra.

Once we know more about the voice cast, we'll continue updating the guide with new names as soon as they appear.

How many characters are in Dead Island 2?

Throughout your time in Hell-A, you'll encounter a wide variety of characters through the main questline and the side missions. There are a total of six main characters who you can play, but the total number remains a mystery.

We expect the game to feature at least 25 different human characters with a few undead opponents thrown in for good measure.

Dead Island 2 Crusher zombie swinging at player
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Credit: Dambuster Studios

When does Dead Island 2 launch?

Dead Island 2 launches across the world on April 21 meaning it's not long before you can jump into the action and attempt to escape Hell-A in one piece.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the Dead Island 2 voice cast so far. For more, check out our guide containing details on all of the zombie types in the game and whether it's coming to Switch.

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