Is Dead Island 2 available on Switch?

A first person view of a zombie infested street.
Credit: Deep Silver

A first person view of a zombie infested street.
Credit: Deep Silver
September 13, 2023: Is Dead Island 2 coming to Switch? Scroll down for everything you need to know about the chances of the game coming to Nintendo's console.

Hoping to pulverise zombies on the go this Spring? Beyond using a Steam Deck to play, which isn't in everyone's budget, you may be looking forward to a Dead Island 2 Nintendo Switch release. The system has surprised us with a variety of open-world adventures. But this might not be one of them.

After spending the better part of a decade in development, Dead Island 2 is finally launched on April 21. Between switching developers a scary amount of times, to multiple delays, this game has not had an easy run up to its eventual release ten years after its first entry.

Is Dead Island 2 on Nintendo Switch?

Disappointingly, Dead Island 2 will not be available to play on Nintendo Switch. Despite many examples of similar titles doing well on the platform, some developers still remain hesitant to release their games on switch upon launch.

Nintendo Switch fans have gotten used to the console’s limitations over the years, recognising that the power of a non-portable console can’t be fully matched by the relatively cheap device and its small form factor.

Many ports require outside expertise that the publisher may not have wanted to risk investment. It's also possible that someone in the decision-making department couldn't see the mature title selling well on a platform typically associated with more family-friendly releases.

Why might Dead Island 2 neglect a switch launch?

There are a few reasons that Dead Island 2 might be skipping a Nintendo Switch launch. For one, the game has suffered through a possible total of three different developers under publisher Deep Silver.

The game was originally announced almost a decade ago, now, and new developers have likely had to work on a foundation of the game that had already been built by another development team. A game with such old bones at its base might face challenges adapting to a console that was only released in 2017.

Whilst the Bioshock series has been previously cited as a positive example of bigger games being released on The Nintendo Switch isn't without its compromises.

Is there a likelihood of Dead Island 2 ever coming to Nintendo Switch? That's too hard to predict, but we wouldn't count on it.

For more news on Dead Island 2, check out all the different zombie types that you'll see in the game. Assuming you're set to pick it up on another platform.

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