Danger Close

Danger Close is one of the missions in Modern Warfare 3 (2023) and is the thirteenth mission in the campaign. In the mission, Shadow Company, Farah's resistance fighters, and Task Force 141 join forces in a collective effort to counter Makarov's sinister plans. The mission will reward the player with a "Jabber Operator" once completed.

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Danger Close

Modern Warfare 3 Danger Close Rundown

In the Danger Close mission of Modern Warfare 3, Shadow Company, Farah's resistance fighters, and Task Force 141 join forces in a collective effort to counter Makarov's sinister plans. This mission involves operating an AC-130 gunship to provide vital air support to ground forces.

Modern Warfare 3 Danger Close

The characters in the Danger Close are Farah Ahmed Karim and Vladimir Makarov.

MW3 Danger Close Mission Walkthrough

Objective: Clear the Boneyard

  • As the gunner of the AC-130, your role is to provide air support, covering the entire boneyard area and eliminating enemy threats.
  • Engage enemy SAM turrets and aircraft attempting takeoffs from the runway while ground forces search the hangars for Makarov's cache of chemical weapons.
  • After finding no chemicals in the first hangar, the ground team moves to the second hangar to neutralize the chemical weapons.

Mission Conclusion:

While the ground team secures the chemicals in the second hangar, the player faces waves of enemy tanks, helicopters, and jets attempting to regain control of the area. Protection of the ground team is crucial, utilizing all gunship weaponry and deploying flares to evade enemy missiles.

Upon clearing the airfield, it's revealed that Makarov is on the base, and a helicopter potentially containing him emerges. The helicopter is destroyed, and the second hangar is leveled to prevent the chemicals from falling into the wrong hands.

The mission ends with Task Force 141 examining the helicopter's wreckage, but there's no sign of Makarov.

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Modern Warfare 3 Danger Close Overview

"Danger Close," the penultimate campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, thrusts players into the heart of a Konni-controlled airbase in Urzikstan. The mission unfolds against a vast and sprawling landscape, where Task Force 141, led by the player-controlled Shadow Gunner, coordinates with a Shadow Company Gunship to dismantle Konni forces.

Air Superiority in Urzikstan: As the Shadow Gunner, players take to the skies alongside John Price, Gaz, Farah Karim, and Alex Keller. The mission begins with a strategic and intense search for vital intelligence within the Konni-controlled airbase. The close air support from the Shadow Company Gunship adds a layer of tactical advantage as players navigate through the sprawling and heavily fortified facility.

Diverse Character Dynamics: "Danger Close" combines a diverse set of characters, including the iconic John Price, the resolute Gaz, the fierce Farah Karim, and the resourceful Alex Keller. The collaborative efforts of these characters, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives, create a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

Mission Briefing: The level is set in motion by a mission briefing outlining the operation's critical nature. With Konni forces controlling the airbase, Task Force 141 must search for information vital to their mission against Vladimir Makarov precisely. The imminent danger posed by Konni requires a strategic and relentless approach.

Unyielding Opposition: The Konni Logo, representing the formidable enemy, is emblazoned across the airbase. Players encounter a relentless and well-coordinated resistance that challenges their skills and adaptability. The escalating intensity of the mission underscores the high-stakes nature of the battle.

Iconic Weapon Loadouts: The level features iconic weapon loadouts, including the M4 used by John Price, the M13B wielded by Gaz, the Chimera in Farah's hands, and the EBR-14 carried by Alex Keller. These weapons add a familiar touch to the gameplay and highlight the diverse arsenal employed by Task Force 141.

Cinematic Storytelling: "Danger Close" incorporates cinematic storytelling elements, seamlessly blending cutscenes with gameplay. The involvement of characters like Simon "Ghost" Riley, Johnny "Soap" MacTavish, Nikolai, Herschel Shepherd, and Kate Laswell deepens the narrative, setting the stage for the climactic conclusion in the subsequent mission, "Trojan Horse."

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