Crash Site

Crash Site is one of the missions in Modern Warfare 3 (2023) and is the seventh mission in the campaign. In this mission, players delve into the aftermath of Makarov's devastating attack on a passenger plane. Farah and Alex's mission is to reach the crash site before the authorities and Konni Group do. The mission will reward the player with a "Pathfinder Operator" once completed.

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Crash Site

Modern Warfare 3 Crash Site Overview

The Crash Site offers an Open Combat Mission, allowing players to choose between stealth or all-out action. To maintain a low profile, players eliminate a lone soldier on a hill and proceed to a nearby building guarded by two enemies. Inside the house, they search for mobile devices.

Afterwards, they locate the flight recorder, which leads to a confrontation with Konni Group soldiers. After a firefight and a rescue mission, players escape in a truck. It's a mission that combines stealth, exploration, and combat, contributing to the narrative of proving Urzikstan's innocence.

Modern Warfare 3 Crash Site Characters

The characters in Crash Site are Farah Ahmed Karim and Alex Keller.

MW3 Crash Site Mission Walkthrough

Objective: Search for Mobile Devices

  • In this Open Combat Mission, choose between a stealthy or aggressive approach to tackle each situation.
  • Head up the hill to encounter a lone soldier. Eliminate him quietly to avoid drawing attention.
  • Approach the small building near the burning wreckage. Move around the back to take out two guards protecting the rear.
  • Enter the house and begin searching for mobile devices. Ensure the house is clear before exiting from the rear. Use the surrounding bushes for cover.

Objective: Find the Flight Recorder

  • Locate the flight recorder for more information about the plane crash.
  • Opposite the plane wreckage, enter another building where the next objective is marked.
  • Be cautious when entering a room with a closed door; there's an enemy inside. Act swiftly to eliminate the threat.
  • Hack the flight recorder on the table to corrupt it, rendering it useless to the enemy.
  • Konni Group soldiers discover Alex's position, and you must quickly head up the hill to eliminate the three enemies holding him prisoner.

Mission Conclusion: Mission complete! The Modern Warfare 3 Crash Site mission offers multiple approaches and emphasizes stealth or direct action, depending on your preference.

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Modern Warfare 3 Crash Site Overview

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, "Crash Site" is a pivotal chapter, blending urgency with tactical expertise. As Farah Karim, players navigate the aftermath of a Russian Airliner crash on the Urzikstan border, embroiled in a mission to safeguard the Urzikstani Liberation Force (ULF) from false accusations.

Mission Overview: The mission starts with Farah Karim, the indomitable protagonist, racing against time to reach the crash site. With the ULF under the threat of being wrongfully framed, the primary objective becomes clear: find mobile devices, retrieve the flight recorder, and rescue fellow operative Alex Keller, culminating in a dramatic exfiltration.

Setting and Atmosphere: Set against the backdrop of the war-torn Urzikstan border, "Crash Site" immerses players in a visually stunning and chaotic environment. The remnants of the downed airliner create a cinematic landscape heightened by the urgency of the mission and the looming danger posed by the Konni forces.

Characters and Allies: Farah Karim takes center stage as the playable character, showcasing her combat expertise and determination. Alex Keller, a key ally, adds depth to the mission dynamics. While Kate Laswell and John Price contribute through voiceovers and cutscenes, the narrative weaves together a cast of characters in the pursuit of truth.

Objectives and Challenges: The objectives - finding mobile devices, securing the flight recorder, and rescuing Alex - drive the mission forward. The diverse weapon loadout, featuring suppressed firearms and various options found in the field, underscores the need for strategic adaptability in the face of Konni opposition.

Supply Boxes and Arsenal: Strategically placed supply boxes offer a variety of weapons, including the Holger 556, Kastov series, Rival-9, and more. The arsenal includes silenced firearms, underscoring the covert nature of the mission. The diverse selection caters to different playstyles, allowing players to approach encounters with versatility.

Mission Briefing and Context: The mission briefing sets the tone, emphasizing Farah's race to protect the ULF from a potential frame-up. The crash site, a focal point in the narrative, becomes the battleground where truth and deception collide, amplifying the stakes for the players.

Legacy of "Crash Site": As players navigate the challenges of "Crash Site," the mission leaves an indelible mark on the overarching storyline of Modern Warfare 3. The events at the crash site contribute to the intricate web of political intrigue, showcasing the series' ability to blend intense action with a gripping narrative.

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