Farah Ahmed Karim

Farah Ahmed Karim is one of the characters in Modern Warfare 3. Commander Farah Ahmed Karim, one of the three protagonists in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, symbolizes unwavering determination and resilience in adversity. Her unwavering commitment to her homeland, Urzikstan, has made her a legendary figure in the fight against foreign occupation and terrorism. With her fierce leadership, Farah has not only spearheaded the resistance against invading forces but has also established protective units to combat terror groups, enlisting both men and women, as well as volunteers of all backgrounds.

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Farah Ahmed Karim

Modern Warfare 3 Farah Ahmed Karim Bio


  • Commander of the Urzikstan Liberation Force
  • Renowned for her leadership against foreign occupation
  • Established protective units to combat terror groups in Urzikstan
  • A strong advocate for gender equality in combat and society
  • Personal history marked by the loss of her mother and father during a Russian artillery strike
  • Captured and held as a prisoner of war by General Barkov's forces
  • Escaped captivity and vowed to free her homeland from subjugation

Early Life:

  • Born in Riyzabbi, Urzikstan, in 1992
  • Endured Russian presence in Urzikstan from a young age
  • Witnessed her mother's death in a Russian artillery strike
  • Survived with her brother Hadir after their father's murder
  • Captured by General Barkov's forces

Life in Prison:

  • Held as a prisoner of war with her brother Hadir
  • Subjected to harsh conditions, little food, and waterboarding
  • Endured forced labor and chemical experimentation on fellow prisoners
  • Resisted interrogation by Barkov


  • Teamed up with CIA operations officer Alex to combat stolen Russian gas
  • Led operations to destroy Russian helicopters and an airbase
  • Fought against Al-Qatala forces in the US embassy in Urzikstan


  • Aided in reactivating the underground metro in Verdansk
  • Created diversions to assist Captain Price and Task Force 141
  • Played a crucial role in preventing the launch of an ICBM


  • Assisted Price and Gaz in rescuing Kate Laswell from Al-Qatala forces
  • Investigated a hidden bunker in Urzikstan, discovering a nuclear missile
  • Confronted her brother Hadir, who revealed a new threat before his death


  • Determined, resilient, and unwavering in her commitment to her homeland
  • Strong sense of morality and a refusal to use unethical methods
  • Quick to anger when faced with betrayal or wrongdoing
  • Fiercely protective of her fellow Urzikstani people
  • Believes in the equality of women in combat and society


  • Fond memories of her mother and father
  • Close bond with her brother Hadir, despite his betrayal
  • Friendship with Captain Price, who helped her in the fight against Barkov
  • Collaborated with Kate Laswell to combat terrorism and protect Urzikstan

Is Modern Warfare 3
Farah Ahmed Karim Alive?

As of the last known information, Farah Ahmed Karim is still alive.

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