Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra is one of the missions in Modern Warfare 3 (2023) and is the eleventh mission in the campaign. It is the next chapter in Task Force 141's relentless pursuit of Makarov. As the team heads to Siberia, a surprise reunion with Farah leads to a mission to clear Urzikstan's name following a plane crash. The mission will reward the player with a "Skull Rhapsody Calling Card" once completed.

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Frozen Tundra

Modern Warfare 3 Frozen Tundra Rundown

Frozen Tundra is the next chapter in Task Force 141's relentless pursuit of Makarov. As the team heads to Siberia, a surprise reunion with Farah leads to a mission to clear Urzikstan's name following a plane crash. The operation begins with an underwater detonation, and the search for Makarov takes an unexpected turn when General Shepherd is discovered in the convoy.

Modern Warfare 3 Frozen Tundra

The characters in the Frozen Tundra are Farah Ahmed Karim, Vladimir Makarov, and Nikolai.

MW3 Frozen Tundra Mission Walkthrough

Objective 1: Ambush the Convoy

  • Begin the mission by detonating explosives under the icy terrain.
  • Search the convoy for Makarov, only to find another prisoner – General Shepherd.
  • Agree to escort Shepherd as a member of Task Force 141.

Objective 2: Escort Shepherd

  • Navigate the snow-covered landscape using thermal optics to spot hidden enemies.
  • Eliminate a sniper wearing thermal camouflage.
  • Reach a secondary landing zone with Farah's backup.

Objective 3: Clear the Mill

  • Engage Konni Group forces at an abandoned wood mill.
  • Beware of hidden enemies as you explore the area.
  • Regroup with Farah and proceed toward the frozen river bed.

Objective 4: Survive the Assault

  • A potential ambush unfolds near a frozen cargo ship.
  • Deal with armored Konni Group soldiers and enemy vehicles.
  • Utilize heavy weaponry and survive the assault.
  • Meet Nikolai and his helicopter for a safe exfiltration.

Mission Conclusion:

  • A cutscene reveals Task Force 141's and General Shepherd's next steps as they circle Makarov's trail.

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Modern Warfare 3 Frozen Tundra Overview

"Frozen Tundra," the eleventh campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, plunges players into the frigid landscapes of Taymyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky District, Siberia, Russia. Task Force 141, led by the indomitable John Price, orchestrates an ambush on Makarov's convoy amidst the desolate and icy expanse.

Arctic Ambush: As players venture into the heart of Siberia's tundra, the mission unfolds against a backdrop of icy desolation. The stark contrast of the snow-covered landscape sets the stage for a high-stakes ambush, showcasing the tactical prowess of Task Force 141 as they intercept Makarov's convoy.

Key Characters in the Chill: John Price takes center stage as the playable character, leading a formidable team that includes the likes of Kyle "Gaz" Garrick, Simon "Ghost" Riley, and Johnny "Soap" MacTavish. The chilling atmosphere heightens the suspense as players navigate the unforgiving terrain.

Mission Briefing: The narrative is set into motion by a mission briefing, emphasizing the urgency and strategic importance of ambushing Makarov in the tundra. The icy conditions pose a physical challenge and serve as a metaphor for the cold and calculating nature of the conflict.

Varied Weaponry Against the Chill: The starting loadout features the PDSW 528 and X12, offering a balance of precision and close-quarters effectiveness. The diverse weaponry found in the level, including the Kastov series, Rival-9, and the powerful RAAL MG, empowers players to adapt to the harsh environmental conditions and the intensity of the ambush.

Navigating the Subzero Threats: The tundra presents a tactical advantage and unique challenges. From treacherous terrain to limited visibility, players must navigate the subzero threats, adding complexity to the ambush. The environmental elements become as much an adversary as the Konni forces.

Infiltrating the Cold Heart of Conflict: The level unfolds as an infiltration into the cold heart of the conflict with Makarov. Task Force 141's stealth and precision become paramount as players engage in intense firefights amidst the snow-covered terrain. The tundra becomes both a battleground and a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice.

Strategic Choices and Unpredictable Turns: As players progress through "Frozen Tundra," strategic choices and unpredictable turns in the icy terrain keep them on the edge. The element of surprise is a double-edged sword, and Task Force 141 must leverage every advantage to outmaneuver the cunning Konni forces.

Lead-up to the Climax: The level serves as a crucial lead-up to the climactic events that await in the subsequent mission, "Gora Dam." The ambush in the tundra leaves an indelible mark on the narrative, setting the stage for the final confrontations in the relentless pursuit of Makarov.

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