DayZ Update Today: Patch Notes Detail New SVAL Rifle And More PC Changes

DayZ, Bohemia Interactive's zombie and survival title, just keeps receiving updates, and the PC version just got another patch.

The catchily titled "Version 1.11.153718" launches today, February 4. Amongst a series of fixes, there's a new SVAL rifle to get your hands on, as well as a new 20 round magazine.

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DayZ Version 1.11.153718 Update Patch Notes

As per a forum post:


  • Added the SVAL rifle
  • Added the 20 round magazine for SVAL and VSS


  • The revolver was not dealing consistent damage
  • It was problematic to place a Medium / Party Tents too close to the player
  • Issues with fertilizing garden plot slots (
  • The magazine of a weapon on the players back was detached after relog
  • The immunity system was not updated on the player (
  • The spotlight could be plugged into a battery that was inside of a vehicle
  • It was possible to place two tents inside each other
  • It was possible to stack up stone ovens
  • It was possible to sometime place objects inside furniture of buildings
  • Epinephrine was not working correctly


  • Added: timeStampFormat now supports two additional options "ShortTZ" and "FullTZ" which will append the time zone in UTC (RPT log only)

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