DayZ: How To Cure Hypothermia And Get Rid Of The Cold

The main threat in DayZ is obviously the zombies.

Though this is not the only one, Hypothermia is out to get you too.

Not long ago the devs updated the game to align with the current seasons.

So it some months it can get a little chilly, especially in Russia.

Here's how to keep yourself from freezing to death in DayZ!

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How To Cure Hypothermia And Get Rid Of Cold

Be Prepared

As mentioned above, the devs have set the weather to emulate the current month and season.

Bearing in mind the map is based around Russia, things are even chillier.

Your main concerns will be keeping dry, and finding warm or waterproof clothing.

Find A Raincoat

Rain will be the bane of your experience in DayZ.

Pair it with the current lower temperatures, wet and cold make hypothermia.

Find yourself a Raincoat to combat the weather.

You'll be kept dry and warm.

Overall its probably just best to stay out of the rain at any opportunity you can, as boring as that may be.

If your clothing does get wet, right-click the article of clothing in your inventory and select the option to wring it out.

Build a Fire Inside

Grab yourself some firewood by chopping down a tree.

Find some cover like a shed or garage.

Here you can build a fire, click here to find out how to do so.

Sit close by and you should warm up and dry off if wet.

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