DayZ: How to build a base

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Day Z, the survival shooter from Bohemia Interactive, has landed on Xbox Game Pass and has reached a whole new audience – with hundreds of thousands of players hopping in for the first time.

If you've spotted camps around the map, you might be wondering how to build your very own "home sweet home" away from enemies and zombies 

Here's how to set up camp.

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DayZ: How to build a base

As you may have guessed, building a base requires materials from the environment. Each piece of a base requires its own materials, so while a fence or watchtower can be constructed from sticks and rope, you'll need a lot of them.

Reddit user u/Asmondian put together a really handy infographic that shows a wealth of building options.

Courtesy of u/Asmondian on Reddit
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A reminder that structures will continue to exist in the game world even once you've been killed, as long as they aren't destroyed. Needless to say, you'll still want to be vigilant in case someone tries to hop over your fence.

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