DayZ Ghillie Suit Crafting: How To Make A Full Ghillie Suit Fast

Probably one of the most useful items when it comes to stealth in DayZ is the Ghillie Suit.

This cameo suit will keep you hidden from other players.

Hone your sniper skills and keep players confused as to who hit them.

Keep reading to find out what items you'll need and how to make a Ghillie Suit!

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How To Make A Ghillie Suit

Full Ghillie Suit

You can craft a full Ghillie Suit with 10 Burlap Strips and 4 Netting.

Get Burlap Strips by cutting a Burlap Sack with a knife or sharp object.

You can find the material mostly in sheds and industrial buildings.

Netting can be found along the coast, either in or around boats.

Some of the area's boats can be found in include:

  • Rify
  • Three Valleys
  • Berezhki
  • Krutoy Cap
  • Otmel
  • Drakon
  • Kamyshovo
  • Balota

Now you'll want to craft the Ghillie Suit, do so by dragging the Burlap Strips onto the Netting inside your inventory, then select the option to make the suit.

Bear in mind you won't be able to carry a backpack when the suit is equipped.

The items below will cover specific areas of the body whereas the suit covers everything:

  • Ghillie Top
    • 6 Burlap Strips and 3 Netting
    • Only covers the upper body
    • Legs still visible
  • Ghillie Bushrag
    • 4 Burlap Strips and 2 Netting
    • Covers shoulders
    • Cannot be worn with a backpack
  • Ghillie Hood
    • 2 Burlap Strips and 1 Netting
    • Covers head
  • Ghillie Gun Wrap
    • 2 Burlap Strips and 1 Netting
    • Conceals guns

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