DayZ: How to Make A Wooden Box Crate

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Storage is a necessity in DayZ.

Especially when you need to be able to hide your valuables if your base isn't built yet.


This is where wooden box crates come in handy!

Keep reading to find out where to get all the resources required and make one!

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How To Make A Wooden Crate In DayZ?

One of the first things you'll want to include in your base is storage.

A wooden box crate is the solution.

It's pretty easy to make in terms of resources and effort and the items required to craft it are fairly simple to find.


You'll need an axe or hacksaw to follow the steps below.

Get Some Wooden Planks

Firstly you'll need to get some wooden planks.

One of the ways to get them is by finding them.

Explore constructions sites and sawmills, check out the piles of wood.

Use your axe or hacksaw on them.

Use a vehicle to transport the resources, a sedan will be your best bet as it allows you to carry the most.


Another way to obtain planks is to chop down trees with your hacksaw.

You'll need 10 planks to craft one box so be sure to multiply your amounts depending on how many you plan to make.

Get Some Nails

Players will also need to get some nails.

These can be found in boxes in construction zones or in garages in Dubky.

They regularly respawn so be sure to check back if there aren't any.

Usually, a box will contain roughly 70 nails.


Make A Wooden Box Crate

Making a wooden box crate requires two wooden planks and 10 nails per crate.

Multiply these resources when necessary to create numerous crates.

You can store up to 50 items and can actually bury them!