DayZ Fishing Guide: How To Catch Fish Using Fishing Rod, Hook And Bait

FINALLY, DayZ players no longer have to survive on beans.

Your time to show of your fishing skills has arrived.

Here's everything you need to do and know to get your first catch in DayZ!

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How To Catch Fish

What You'll Need

To get started there are a few items you'll need.

Ashwood Stick

Look for an Ashwood Stick, they can be found in areas near Shovels.

Another way to get one is by chopping down a tree, specifically the round green ones with branches that are close to the floor.


Now you need to find some Rope.

You can't craft it so you'll need to go looking for some.

There's no real specific place to find it so just keep searching till you do.

Combine Them

Now you'll want to combine your Ashwood Stick and Rope into an Improvised Fishing Rod.

Unfortunately, we aren't done just yet, now you'll need bait.

Bait/Fishing Hook

Use a shovel or Farming Hoe to dig up an Earthworm.

The last item you'll need to find is a Fishing Hook.

Like the Rope, there's no specific place to find it so you'll have to just keep searching till you do.

Just like the Rope, you're going to have to search until you find it since it cannot be crafted.

Combine Them

Now you'll want to combine your Fishing Hook and Earthworm into Fishing Bait.

Lastly, combine the Improvised Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait.

How To Fish

Now that you have a Fishing Rod and Bait you need to find a Pond.

Once in front of the water, select the option to Fish.

You can check the bait and you'll one of two messages:

  • I sense no movement near the bait
  • There is some movement near the bait

Next, you'll need to wait for a message telling you something bit the bait and you can now reel in your line.

Enjoy your fish, beans get a bit old after a while!

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