DayZ: How To Get Rid Of Cold and Cure Yourself

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Day Z, the survival shooter from Bohemia Interactive, has landed on Xbox Game Pass and has reached a whole new audience – with hundreds of thousands of players hopping in for the first time.

As this is a survival game, your character can catch a cold – potentially causing sneezing and coughing that can give away your position.


Here's how to cure a common cold.

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DayZ: How to Cure a Cold

Colds in DayZ are caught by spending too much time in the cold, or by contact with infected players.


If you're playing during winter seasons you'll have an increased chance of catching one, but prevention is easy: stay warm, and stay away from anyone that's infected.

Multivitamin Pills can help prevent catching a cold if you can find them, but curing a cold will require Tetracyline Pills, an uncommon item that can be found in medical regions of the map.