DayZ Handcuffs: How To Break Free And Get Out Without A Key

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If you've played DayZ with friends, no doubt you've been handcuffed by them.

It's all fun and games until one of them forgets a key.


This is your time to shine as a macho man.

Here's how to break free of Handcuffs in DayZ!

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How To Break Handcuffs

Use a Hacksaw


If you were able to get away from those who put the handcuffs on you, you'll want to find a way to get out of them.

You need to find a Hacksaw, they aren't particularly common though.

Locate one in industrial, residential and military loot spawns, or even in grocery stores.

Bear in mind that you'll need another player to use the hacksaw on your restraints.


This is the harder of the two options otherwise follow the steps below.

Break Your Restraints

Next up, you'll just need your brute strength.

Alternate pressing the A and D keys.


When Handcuffs are in a Badly Damaged state you should get free pretty quickly.

The better state they're in the longer it will take you.

This means if the handcuffs are Pristine you'll probably be sitting there a while, unfortunately.

Use A Key


You likely looked up this guide because you don't have a key.

Although if you're simply confused and so is a friend who put the handcuffs on, it's really simple.

Use a key on the player who is detained and you'll unlock their restraints!

In future try not to be too trusting of sketchy people, you'll likely end up in this situation again.