DayZ 1.27 Patch Release Date: When To Expect The Next Update

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DayZ, Bohemia Interactive's zombie and survival title continues to grow on both PC and consoles.

The last update, patch 1.26, was essentially a hotfix, but we know the game will be getting new content in 2021 thanks to a recent blog post.

What that could entail is anyone's guess, but the team has promised new firearms, damage balancing, and even a "new type of environmental threat" on both maps.

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DayZ: 1.27 Release Date

Updates for DayZ tend to drop every two weeks or so, which means we're due one any day now, really.

We'll update this as we know more, but Bohemia Interactive doesn't tend to share its development process via Trello as some other developers do.

Still, expect the update, and the full notes, any day now.

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