How to Solve the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle With the Cursed Relic

The Cuphead Graveyard puzzle when it's solved.

If you've wandered into Porkrind's Shop in the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC Isle, you'll likely have noticed the Cursed Relic available for sale. The Cuphead Cursed Relic is part of the Cuphead Graveyard puzzle that unlocks a super secret boss. Here's the sequence of events that leads you to that moment.

It's quickly worth pointing out that this isn't a boss guide for the terror you're about to face at the end of this sequence of events. Instead, it's purely a guide that'll get you from the port - or the start of the DLC - and all the way to the unique boss that the Graveyard puzzle unlocks.

You can actually start this fight before any other boss battle on DLC Isle. If that's what you decide to do, read up on our other boss guides for tips on how to beat Mortimer Freeze, Chef Saltbaker, The Howling Aces, Esther Winchester, Glumstone the Giant, and the Moonshine Mob if you end up struggling.

How to Solve the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle With the Broken Relic

In case you don't know what the Cuphead Graveyard puzzle even is, one of the first things you'll want to do is pick up the Cursed Relic from Porkrind's Shop. You'll find this just over the bridge after leaving Chef Saltbaker's place; between it and the podium of three NPCs.

A secret route in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.
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If you're short a coin somehow, exit the shop and squeeze yourself between it and the podium. You can actually walk up and around the outer edge of the island here to grab a free coin.

Take this path south when you hit the highest point, and you'll emerge at the bottom end of the island as well, from behind the waterfall and right next to the graveyard - exactly where you need to be next.

The Cuphead Graveyard in The Delicious Last Course DLC.
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Equip the Cursed Relic as a Charm and talk to the little ghost peering out from behind tree to the right of the graveyard. The curious fellow alludes to the Graveyard puzzle, and while it may not actually be needed to activate it, you're there anyway.

What the ghost is saying is that you need to hit three of the tombstones in the Cuphead Graveyard in a particular order: an order that is specific to your playthrough.

You're free to slap them yourself until you just happen upon the combination, but the easiest way is to head back up to the podium by Porkrind's Shop.

The characters on the podium allude to the Cuphead Graveyard puzzle answer.
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For whatever reason, the words the three NPCs spout here just so happen to tell you the Cuphead graveyard order needed to unlock the secret DLC boss. Not directly, of course, but they'll use words like "downright" or some combination of a direction (like left) and a row (up) - a clear enough hint for us to try.

These go in order of the podium spots as well, so think first place, second place, and third place when working out the order of the tombstones.

Once you get the right answer, all three ghosts will up and vanish, with the central (typically unusable) tombstone gaining a heavenly glow. Interact with this and agree to take a nap. You'll be thrust straight into the Cuphead DLC secret boss. Expect our guide for that soon.

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