Cuphead: Moonshine Mob Boss Guide - Bootlegger Booty Strategy

The Cuphead Bootlegger Boogie - Moonshine Mob boss battle.

The Cuphead Bootlegger Boogie - Moonshine Mob boss battle.
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A particularly bad batch of bugs will likely be one of the first bosses you take on in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. The troublesome troop can quickly overwhelm you as they increase in number, block the battlefield with bombs, and try all manner of other tricks to set you up for failure. But our Bootlegger Boogie - Moonshine Mob boss guide is here to help.

Like any good Cuphead boss guide, we'll list the loadout we used for our successful run. It's entirely possible to complete any boss with any skillset, but for the sake of clarity and consistency, it's worth bearing in mind that the strategy may differ if you're not using the same set we suggest.

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Bootlegger Boogie - Moonshine Mob Guide

Energy Beam
Smoke Bomb

You'll get plenty of close-range time for the Spread gun in this battle. The Energy Beam super won't see much use, but you'll be using the Peashooter or Spread gun's single-card shots anyway. Smoke Bomb is a must if you want to make things really easy.

Phase One

The main target of the Moonshine Mob battle early on is the big bad spider. He moves randomly along the three levels, but he'll always come out the same way he went in: just on a different floor - which can really help you track him.

Phase one of the Cuphead Bootlegger Booty Moonshine Mob boss battle.
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The best approach here is to whip out your shotgun weapon and tail him. You're generally suggested to stay on a different floor and aim to stay on his as he moves, but you can use the Smoke Bomb skill to dart right through the guy as he roams into you, giving you more time to chase him with the shotgun. Just maybe only do this after you know he's done calling in the cavalry with his phone: the dead-stop will hurt.

It's not all about the chase, though. Once he does call in his red friends, prioritize gunning them down with the shotgun. If you don't, you'll have them, a spinning caterpillar, bombs, and the guy at the side firing small the poison cloud. Generally, you want to clear the field as best you can. The bombs are easy enough with a quick jump. Just give yourself some space, and tackling the guy is easy.

Phase two of the Cuphead Bootlegger Booty Moonshine Mob boss battle.
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Phase 2

After that, a gramophone will drop into the middle of the arena, with its dancer being the target you want to go for. Sit on the bottom row and move left and right, using the shotgun to stay on the target above and to your flank whenever enemies approach.

The only projectiles you'll need to worry about here at the soundwaves circling the music box. Some will oscillate more violently, changing colour from green, to orange, to red.

They're dangerous when they're red, so watch them revolve and time your smoke bombs to phase through them as they come. You shouldn't need to do this more than twice per go if you're sticking to the plan. Just fire, dodge, and fire. Keep your eye on what hurts.

Phase three of the Cuphead Bootlegger Booty Moonshine Mob boss battle.
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Phase 3

Finally, phase three reduces the lanes into mere platforms along each edge. Do as much damage to the snail under the hat while it laughs - it'll make the final part a little easier. It's a good time to use the peashooter's special if you haven't fuller charged it.

Here, you'll want to stay in the middle to avoid the anteater's snout from clipping you. Its tongue will occasionally jut out to take up more space and fake you out, with a full lick taking an entire row before pulling a large, bouncing projectile back to fling around the room.

This one moves fast, so stay on your toes. You can actually parry the tongue if you're fast enough, but the best approach is to stay in the middle and aim your regular shots wherever the nose pokes out. Once it stops and licks an entire row, get directly above or below it, using the shotgun to deal massive damage.

Phase four of the Cuphead Bootlegger Booty Moonshine Mob boss battle.
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Phase 4

After a relatively short while, you'll be faked out with the Knockout screen. Don't stop yet, though - the snail will reemerge at the top of the hate, sending single projectiles at you with increasing speed. Just stay focused and keep moving, using your pellet gun to finish it off. It doesn't take long. Again, it's a good time to use the individual specials of the Peashooter here.

With that, you should get your white flag on Bootlegger Boogie - Moonshine Mob boss of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. Check for more Cuphead DLC boss battle guides soon.

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