Cuphead: Mortimer Freeze Boss Guide - Snow Cult Scuffle Strategy

Mortimer Freeze in Cuphead.

Mortimer Freeze in Cuphead.

At the other end of the island in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a cool ice wizard by the name of Mortimer Freeze. His audience of Snow Cult members are ready watch you perish, but our Cuphead Mortimer Freeze boss guide won't let that happen.

The tips and tricks below should help make this battle a stone-cold breeze. We'll even list out exactly which loadout we used to vanquish the foe on the difficulty that matters. Your milage will vary if you use another, so it's important to note that the strategy below depends on it.

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Snow Cult Shuffle - Mortimer Freeze Boss Guide

Energy Beam
Smoke Bomb

Spread and Peashooter work wonders in this fight, with Spread being the real hero. Smoke Bomb makes the second and third phases really easy, whereas saving your Energy Beam Super for the final phase will help take a massive chunk off it as well.

Moritmer Freeze phase 1 in Cuphead.
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Phase One - Mr. Freeze

the first phase of this fight is relatively straightforward. All Mr. Mortimer Freeze will do it glide across the top of the screen, replenishing the four little spikey boys he sends out if you decide to do away with them.

Between that, he'll periodically stop to drop a hulking whale on you - which is reason enough to clear the field. Even with Smoke Bomb, you risk landing right on top of one, so it's best to get rid of all but one to keep him gliding around, ready to be battered by your Peashooter and Spread gun.

Mortimer Freeze phase 2 in Cuphead.
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Phase Two - Abominable Fridgefreezer

Once you've dealt enough damage, Mortimer Freeze undergoes a bit of a transformation. You'll have a big window here to deal heavy damage with Spread during the animation. Just get the timing down, and you'll be able to Smoke Bomb away as the snowman drops.

It's possible to force him to skip straight into his Fridge phase if done correctly. Otherwise, get ready to avoid him rolling right across the screen. He usuall rolls twice and jumps once, but he always ends with a jump. If the jump is first or second, the attack is over.

Once he transforms into an Fridge, your focus should be on watching the ice cubes. You'll only need to shift slightly left/right to avoid them and their tiny fragments, giving you plenty of time to stand up close with the Spread gun. The occasional slam doesn't deal damage, so let that go out and watch for the four upward-firing spikes it generates. Dodge accordingly and stay on the offensive.

Mortimer Freeze phase 3 in Cuphead.
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Phase Three - Special Snowflake

Things can get a little tough here. Climb the platforms until you reach the top, at which point you'll have to fight a giant snowflake. It will position itself on either the left or right side, switching occasionally but keeping the same general attack pattern.

For a safe fight, stay on the furthest central platform, dealing damage with the Peashooter and its special attack. You'll have room to avoid the flying items, will naturally dodge the ice dragon that sometimes swirls around the outer arena, and should have room to Smoke Bomb through the eye that creates two or three verticle laser walls as it moves from the boss to the other side.

If you want a fast fight, get close with the Spead gun and keep dropping from the top platform to the closest middle one. It's risky, but it works.

And with that, you'll get another neat little white flag on your Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course progress list. You'll be one step closer to the curtain call, and closer still to being able to access the Extreme difficulty of every DLC fight if that's really what you want. After that, you can complete the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle for a secret boss that will really test you.

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