Cuphead High-Noon Hoopla - Esther Winchester Boss Guide

Esther Winchester in Cuphead.

Esther Winchester in Cuphead.

Right below the deck of DLC Isle in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is cactus you'll certainly regret walking into. Not because of its spines, but because it's actually a trigger-happy cow wedged in a traveling saloon. To get through it unscathed, our Cuphead Esther Winchester boss guide is here.

The tips and tricks below should help make this battle a stone-cold breeze. We'll even list out exactly which loadout we used to vanquish the foe on the difficulty that matters. Your mileage will vary if you use another, so it's important to note that the strategy below depends on it.

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High-Noon Hoopla - Esther Winchester Boss Guide

Phase one of the Esther Winchester boss battle in Cuphead.
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Energy Beam
Heart/Smoke Bomb

Phase One

The first phase of the Esther Winchester fight can be a little cruel. There's a lot going on - and it gets worse - but it's a relatively rough ride from the get-go.

The trick is to stay at around the three-quarter line at the top in the centre. Not too high that you get clipped by the bird, but high enough that dodging dynamite fragments and little bits coming up from the bottom isn't too tricky.

Being further back should make avoid the inky shots easy as well. These always reach to the middle of the screen before pulling back and shooting fully across their lines, so a little tick up or down should be all you need to do to avoid them.

While you're at the top, use your regular shot if the cow's head is there. If it's at the bottom, switch to your grenade to launch it down for big damage. The aim is to passively deal damage while focusing on things to avoid, and this makes it easy. When she pulls out her rope, get out of her line to avoid the big cactus. Again, it's easy.

Phase two of the Esther Winchester boss battle in Cuphead.
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Phase Two

With enough damage dealt, it's time to think small. Esther Winchester starts to pull in clutter. Go small, but stay close enough that you can still hit her with your short-range weapon. Again, focus on avoiding the items as they come in around you. Being in the centre should be fine.

When they start to drop, you should be save to turn back and pelt her with your standard weapon. Just rinse and repeat until she transforms again.

Phase four of the Esther Winchester boss battle in Cuphead.
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Phase Three

This one makes a great case for Smoke Bomb, but you don't need it. Similar to the first phase, stay up top and lob grenades is Esther Winchester stays low. Go small to avoid the rotating steaks she spits out (or parry the pink ones), and switch to your Peashooter if she's up top.

The only problem here stems from the tendril cans. You can look at them to know which way they'll attempt to block off, but it requires decent reflexes. Stay right at the back, though, and you should have the space to fire with the peashooter, avoid the steaks, and turn small and use the increased speed to weave between any pesky cans.

Phase four of the Esther Winchester boss battle in Cuphead.
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Phase Four

Finally, phase four just tasks you with using that small plane speed to worm through the gaps of the linked sausages as they pass each other by.

They'll move toward you as well, so the gap will technically change location as well. When you get a chance, use your special to fire a missile straight at the can. With a little more fire from your Peashooter, it'll go down. Just remember to go small when things start to get hectic. Patience is key.

Wrestle good against the canned meat and you'll get another nice white flag on your Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course progress list. With that, you're one step closer to the curtain call and the Extreme difficulty of every DLC boss battle you'll find on that little island. For another set of helpful hints, our Cuphead Mortimer Freeze boss guide is a thing as well.

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