Cuphead Gnome Way Out - Glumstone The Giant Boss Guide

The Glumstone the Giant boss in Cuphead.

The Glumstone the Giant boss in Cuphead.

Toward the opposite end of DLC Isle in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, you'll find a mountain that isn't just the location of you next challenge: but the challenge itself. A real up-hill battle, you could say. Learn how to conquer your everest with our Cuphead Glumstone the Giant boss guide.

Down below, you'll learn a few tips and tricks that should make blasting this mountain a cold breeze. To break things down further, you'll even seen exactly which loadout we used to do it. It's likely far from the best, but it's important to note the strategy below largely depends on it.

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Gnome Way Out - Glumstone the Giant Guide

Energy Beam

Phase 1

Being a living mountain Glumstone the Giant stays absolutely still as a stone for the first phase of this fight. He periodically send bits of debris out of his mouth, but you're relatively save to use the Spread gun throughout.

Glumstone the Giant phase 1 in Cuphead.
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Stay on the closest platform edge to his mouth while it's closed. This'll make for maximum Spread damage and make dealing with any white gnomes that encroach on your land easy to take out with a quick turn. If the mouth opens, moving to the other edge of that same platform should give you enough room to avoid them. Parry the big pink ones if needed.

The only other thing to watch for her is if the birds arrive while your platform is high up. Once you hear them coming, drop down and move all the way left to the lower platform, firing your Peashooter at the same time to clear the other gnomes. If these little guys often become a problem, consider cleaning up down there the same way from time to time.

Glumstone the Giant phase 2 in Cuphead.
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Phase 2

This one can seem a little daunting at first, but it's another perfect case for the Spead gun. Just stand directly under one of the puppet arms and fire upward. If you're in the right spot, the gnomes and other little projectiles should get destroyed by your bullets - like you're using a gun as an umbrella.

The puppet's ball shouldn't ever be able to hit you, either, as they toss it back and forth. There may be a time where something sneaks through, but the possibility in our testing was incredibly slim. It's worth it if you don't want to go full dodge mode.

Glumstone the Giant phase 3 in Cuphead.
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Phase 3

This is where things get a little tricky if you're not paying attention. It's possible for every platform here to get destroyed, leaving you with nowhere to go but into the bile below.

Here, you need to focus on jumping to the platform that gets to eat a bone. In this situation, the bones are good, and the meat is bad.

It may look treacherous, but you can actually parry the platform in the state after it eats a bone, resetting it and keeping it safe again for a good long while. If you always shift over to the next one to get the bone, you'll be completely safe to use the Peashooter from a distance, or Spread up close to deal damage to the enemy at the top.

And with that, you'll get another neat little white flag on your Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course progress list. You'll be one step closer to the grand finale, and closer still to unlocking the Extreme difficulty of every DLC fight.

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