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On Saturday 14 January, Shiba Inu and The Bugatti group will host a mint party event for their upcoming collaboration.

The anticipated event will mark the launch of 299 limited edition Shiboshi x Bugatti NFTs.

NFT minters can receive a physical Shiboshi x Bugatti Group luggage bag in addition to other collectables.

Shiba Inu x Bugatti Group physical merchandise and limited edition NFTs

A limited release of 299 Shiboshi x Bugatti Group NFTs will be available to mint from 0.14 ETH ($196). According to the Shiba Inu team, 95% of all minters will be eligible for a limited edition Shiba Inu luggage bag from The Bugatti group.

5% of all minters will be eligible for a limited-edition carry-on item from the collaboration.

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From the Shiba Inu team:

This will be rounded to 15 lucky community members and will be awarded a Bugatti Carry-On item in which they can place their own Shiboshi NFT design

The mint will commence on Saturday 14 during the live Shiboshi x Bugatti Group event, which will include Shiba Inu surprises, special guests, music, and more.

Successful minters will be able to redeem their mints the following week.
Details about the redemption portal will be announced on Shiba Inu and Bugatti group social networks.

SHIB price on the decline

The Bugatti group collaboration comes at a time when Shiba Inu's SHIB token has suffered multiple bearish downsides as a result of the bear market.

Despite disappointing SHIB price movements, the Shibarium team have declared that the upcoming layer 2 blockchain will burn SHIB tokens on every transaction.

Although rumours in the Shiba Inu community suggested that Shibarium would burn SHIB tokens, the official announcement debunks any lingering doubts.

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