SHIB Holder Creates Shiba Inu Funko Pop Figure Design

Shiba Inu and Shiboshi Funko Pop figurine in a box
Credit: Mewns

Shiba Inu and Shiboshi Funko Pop figurine in a box
Credit: Mewns

While you may be able to buy physical Shiba Inu tokens, one SHIB holder wants to push the collectables further after creating a mock-up of a Shiba Funko Pop Vinyl based on the Shiboshi NFTs.

Shiba merchandise continues to drive SHIB burns, but the ShibArmy is also seeking partnerships with major brands to increase exposure. The Shiba x Champion clothing movement is particularly vocal, for example.

Planet Crypto spoke to Mewns, a Concept Artist and the creator of the Shiba Funko, to find out more.

Shiba Inu Funko Pop

As both a fan of collectables and a Shiba/Shiboshi holder, Mewns saw a potential Funko collaboration as a great match. “I believe this would be an ideal meeting between a company with the motto 'Everyone Is A Fan Of Something' and a strong community of over 1 million holders,” they said.

“I absolutely love what Funko does,” Mewns added. “It makes top quality products that are easy to adopt - similar to the Shiboshi NFTs. It would be a very good bridge between collecting digital art and physical products related to SHIB.

“Shiboshis are a combination of various creative traits that would translate into very colourful, beautiful Pops.”

Of course, creating a concept and seeing the product hit the shelves are two very different things. Mewns was unsure whether Funko would ever make a cryptocurrency or Shiba Inu Funko. However, they stressed that the uniqueness of the Shiba community was a factor in their favour. “Funko would be supported by a very engaged community.

"I would be happy to send them the 3D files I've created if it could help"

Indeed, the SHIB community reacted positively to the Funko mock-up, with Mewns stating the post reached 120,000 views on Twitter. “I shared the render on Twitter to reach the company and to show what the reaction would be from the community, and it went exactly as expected,” they said.

Shiba Growth Breed member Milkshake endorsed the render on Twitter, stating the SHIB community would love a Funko Pop collection.

Mewns also used the Shiboshi NFT sale as an example of how successful the Shiba Funko could be. “Even with an average price of 1.3 ETH, those digital collectables sold in 30 minutes, and this reflects the keen interest that the community has in their favourite digital pup.”

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