Total SHIB Wallet Saturation: Shytoshi Kusama Seeks A Shiba Domination

Shiba Inu Coin logo on top of a world from space
Credit: Simon Lee/Unsplash

Shiba Inu Coin logo on top of a world from space
Credit: Simon Lee/Unsplash

Shiba Inu project lead Shytoshi Kusama envisions a world with “total SHIB wallet saturation” as he wrote about the need for SHIB brands and locations.

In a blog post entitled ‘Supreme Arts For Trying Times’, Shytoshi laid out the value in many of the projects on the Shiba roadmap and other projects partnered with SHIB.

All of this will, according to Shytoshi, help with the long-term goal of total wallet saturation. Here’s what he said.

Total Shiba Wallet Saturation

“The goal of any enterprise is world domination,” said Shytoshi. “if you aren't reaching for total dominance, you aren't reaching hard enough.”

This is the principle that Shytoshi envisions for SHIB, pointing to Japanese companies with 100-year business plans as an example.

“To reach total Shib Wallet saturation, (and the desirable results therein), we have to focus on a final point which is growing brands and having our own location to enjoy life,” he added.

This comes as Shiba Inu expands into new areas outside the traditional cryptocurrency domain. The likes of the Welly restaurant and John Richmond fashion collaboration, for example, have been met with some caution or scepticism by members of the ShibArmy, unsure of the value of such partnerships.

For Shytoshi, these form one of the three pillars that can increase SHIB’s value. He said an increase in value comes from:

  • Massive, continuous long-term SHIB burns.
  • Increase in SHIB utility and usage.
  • Increase in brand recognition.

Through partnerships and exposure outside the still-niche cryptocurrency world, Shytoshi believes the SHIB brand - and its value - will keep growing.

“Now you understand why SHIB has this larger-than-life plan to dominate various genres and business segments,” Shytoshi said. “To have Shib as a brand and ecosystem rule while providing value and burns back to the community.”

Shytoshi also used the blog post to clarify information about Shiba burns. “We can’t just burn a large part of the supply, we simply don’t own the SHIB to do so.”

Instead, he called on the ShibArmy to consider the best products for burning, comparing it to “making wine from grapes”.

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