Bonk price and news: Latest BONK news, price updates, and more

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bonk price

Bonk is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the Solana blockchain.

With the Bonk community and ecosystem rapidly expanding, it can be difficult to keep up with everything that's going on in the Bonk ecosystem.


Here is the most recent Bonk news and Bonk price updates from the world of crypto.

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Latest BONK news

Gari x BONK partnership

Bonk has partnered with Gari, a web3 social network community fuelled by the Gari crypto token. A reward campaign worth 100 billion Bonk ($170,000) has been announced exclusively for Gari token miners, Gari stakers and holders of Panda NFTs.


Hey Wallet x BONK

Hey Wallet, a Solana wallet built on Twitter where users can send and receive crypto by sending Tweets has championed Bonk by implementing Bonk tokens on the Hey Wallet platform. Hey Wallet has supported Bonk by hosting live Twitter spaces, Bonk reward schemes, and Twitter competitions.


Beware of Bonk scams

A fraudulent collection of 888 Bonk NFTs has been launched on the Solana blockchain. The fake mint took place on the third-party website where 873 NFTs were sadly sold in the first couple of hours.


Bonk price

Bonk may have launched in a bear market but its price movements have decoupled from the rest of the crypto industry.

Bonk currently sits at $0.00000116, up 14% in the last 7 days. Bonk’s current market cap is $48 million. The coin has come a long way since its launch on December 29 2022.


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