MetaMask Safari Extension: How To Add MetaMask On Safari Or MacBook

MetaMask logo on a MacBook laptop screen, sat on a table in front of a window
Credit: Image: Unsplash/Devin Pickell

MetaMask logo on a MacBook laptop screen, sat on a table in front of a window
Credit: Image: Unsplash/Devin Pickell

MetaMask, being one of the most popular crypto wallets, facilitates simple crypto transfers for the likes of OpenSea NFTs. Known most for its Chrome extension, MacBook users are seeking ways to use MetaMask on Safari.

MetaMask introduced its extensions to help them to navigate the crypto world through conducting seamless crypto transfers straight from their computers.

Apart from that, MetaMask also boasts sophisticated mobile applications that can easily be connected to multiple third-party websites. Here's how users can add MetaMask Extension on Apple Macbook or Safari browser.

How To Add MetaMask Extension On Safari

MetaMask only supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave browsers and is not available on Safari, but the Ethereum wallet has recently launched its app for IPhone users which can be downloaded via the apple store.

Instead, users must either download another browser (as referenced below), or consult the iOS MetaMask application that offers support for Apple users.

iOS 15 does seem to allow iPhone devices to use extensions on Safari, although this does not include MetaMask just yet. A third-party Github program has popped up, however, allowing users to download and use the MetaMask extension on Safari.

Does MetaMask Support Apple Pay?

MetaMask has recently introduced a facility that allows users to trade cryptocurrency via Apple pay.

Users will now be able to purchase crypto via Apple pay, where transfers will first be redirected to Wyre crypto exchange that facilitates buying and selling of multiple cryptocurrencies.

How To Add MetaMask Wallet To MacBook

Users should follow the steps mentioned below to add MetaMask extension to their Apple MacBooks:

  • Go to the MetaMask' official website via your preferred browser outside of Safari. This could be Google Chrome/Firefox/Brave/Edge.
  • Click on download for iOS, and later select the browser for whom you are downloading the extension.
  • Install the extension, Pin it on your browser for easy accessibility.
  • Complete the necessary KYC details on MetaMask and get ready for your first crypto transaction.
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