How To Add Custom Tokens To MetaMask

MetaMask logo with blurred cryptocurrency tokens in background.
Credit: Quantitatives/Unsplash

MetaMask, the leading Ethereum-based wallet, now lets users add custom tokens to their wallets, especially if the tokens are ERC-20 compliant.

The wallet usually displays ERC-20 tokens - the standard tokens accepted by the wallet. With a surge of new cryptocurrency tokens releasing, users can add their custom tokens.

However, it is often advised to act cautiously while exploring unfamiliar tokens and later adding them to MetaMask. On that note, let's take a look at how custom tokens can be added to the MetaMask wallet.

How To Add Custom Tokens To MetaMask

To add ERC-20-compliant custom tokens to your MetaMask wallet, users should:

  • Go to Etherscan and search for your custom token. Alternatively, go to your custom token's Etherscan page.
  • In the Profile Summary section, select and copy the custom token's contract address.
  • Return to MetaMask and select Add Token. Paste in the contract address. MetaMask will then update to include the token symbol and other features.
  • Refresh your wallet to see if the custom token has been added to MetaMask.

Alternatively, you can turn on MetaMask's Auto Token Detection feature in the settings. Go to Settings, and then Experimental, before switching the toggle.

Finally, CoinGecko may also be able to help add custom tokens to your MetaMask.

If you have connected your MetaMask to the price tracker, go to the page of the custom token, and select the MetaMask logo next to the contract address. This will prompt a pop up asking if you want to add the token to your MetaMask.

MetaMask Token Auto Detection

MetaMask's newest feature allows ease in adding custom tokens by detecting them automatically.

To access this feature a user must:

  • Log into their MetaMask account
  • Go in settings
  • Click on experimental
  • Switch on the auto-detection feature.

It is to be noted that this feature is only available on the Ethereum mainnet.

It can be accessed from both the MetaMask Chrome extension and MetaMask Mobile App.

Why can't I add tokens to MetaMask?

One of the main reasons that you're unable to add tokens to MetaMask might be the fact that MetaMask is yet to add that token to its token repository, which is why you are unable to add the token in the first place.

However, it is often advised to research what type of custom tokens can be added to MetaMask before making an active purchase.

A user must check which types of tokens are accepted on MetaMask before initiating the entire process.

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